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  • FishAreBlue

    Hello , my name is FishAreBlue. Recently, around two months ago, I got promoted to Rollback and Discussions Moderator. I was only on this wiki for a month, and I only had a little above 1,000 edits, but KD decided to promote me. I decided to make a guide for how to help new users reach Rollback/Discussions Mod. Here are some tips to get promoted:

    1. Be Active: The first step to be a Rollback status is to be active. You have to really stand out here for people to notice you. If you aren't active, then you will be forgotten on the wiki, so try not to miss a day when here!

    2. Communicate With People: The second step to be a Rollback is to communicate with others. Whether it's through message walls, forums, or blog posts, try to talk with the ot…

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  • FishAreBlue

    Editing Battle Decks

    April 16, 2017 by FishAreBlue

    Hello Fandom users! My name is FishAreBlue, and I'm here to talk about the Battle Deck edits on this wiki.

    If you didn't know, you could add your own personal Battle Deck for Clash Royale. You create them by adding the Cards, the Card Roles, and a Strategy to show how your deck works. Recently, there has been a lot of Battle Decks being created. Some of them have no strategy, and some have various grammar, pucntuation, and spelling errors. Here's a guide to help you edit Battle Decks.

    First, think about how you want to make a deck. You can use the Source Editor, or use the Template visually to edit. If you're good at coding, then I would suggest the Source Editor. Here are some pictures to show you the different ways of editing Battle Decks. …

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