• Elitejerk

    [Recruiting ACTIVE ONLY] Eliti's Jerks #9PRL8V 

    After this Clan Chest Cycle I am replacing the slackers and new position s will be open. first come first served good luck. hope to clash with you soon. 

    CLAN REQUIREMENTS - (Invites only pls write on note that u saw the forum) trophies 2000+, MUST DONATE, AND PARTICIPATE IN ALL CLAN EVENTS.

    -We cap clan Chest at lvl10 every time!

    -We share new stratergies.

    -We have constant discussions on strats, as well as duels back to back to try out new decks and technique.

    >>> If interested must be able to donate all the time!!! farm more than 30 crowns per clan chest cycle.( you can have an 8 card ban list that you never donate.).

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