Hey there! Dr. Unicorn here to present to you the first in the series of "Battling Strategies For Certain Decks". This one will be the strategy for the battle deck below:

Battle Deck Template Created by King Dragonhoff

The Strategy

This will only work if the cards appear in the order I want them to.

I would place a Giant first, followed by a Valkyrie (to prevent my opponent from placing something like Skeleton Army or Barbarians). Then, I would place a Goblin to see if my opponent has arrows. If they did, they would most likely place the arrows on the Goblins to defeat them, and if they do that, they would have no more arrows, which would have me free to place cards with lots of troops such as Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, along with their smaller counterparts like Skeletons or Minions, etc.

When the Giant is destroyed, I repeat the cycle again and again until I win.

By now, I would've already won.

BEWARE: Beware of enemy troops attacking in your side; you have to fend them off as well!


So, I hope this helped for all fellow Clashers! If you would like a strategy for a deck, comment down below, along with the deck that you would like me to explain a strategy for; and I will most likely do it.

Thank you for reading!