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  • I live in Apocrypha
  • My occupation is Serving Hermaeus Mora
  • I am Nord Male
  • DovahClasher

    New Arena Idea

    December 21, 2017 by DovahClasher

    A New Arena Idea: The Galactic Arena

    Waaaayy out in the furthest arms of the Milky Way, faithful Clashers have figured out how to do battle, and they’ve invited us to participate. We can’t say no to that, can we?

    Trophy Range: IDK

    With the introduction of Electro Valley, there is no trophy range that isn’t covered that is above Legendary Arena, and I think it’s fitting that Legendary is the highest.

    Card 1: Star Volley (5 Elixir)

    Desc: Shoots a group of stars (rather messily) towards a target area, peppering it with damage. Reduced damage to Criwn Towers.

    Damage: 60x10 projectiles

    Range Covered: 4 tiles

    Duration of spell: 3 secs.

    Usage: As an area denial spell or as straight damage.

    Card 2: Galactic Lock (10 Elixir)

    Desc: Opens a portal to an alterna…

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  • DovahClasher

    This is going to be a new story series I start where I take an interesting, more serious dive into a day in the arena from the perspective of a certain card. Day 1: The Princess.

    Stacey was sitting in the back, getting ready for her deployment. She was only ever really known as 'The Princess' and so she barely had an identity in the Arena. That didn't matter anyway; the armor they gave her and all princesses was so fragile that no princess could survive even the lightest of attacks. As she looked at her bow, she recalled the years of extensive training she had undergone specifically for this moment, and wished that she at least had a helmet to protect her face.

    As Stacey heard the trumpets blare outside, she knew that it was almost go-time a…

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  • DovahClasher

    I have written blog posts about how to "fix" Clash Royale, and one about how to get to higher arenas as an F2P. I have not, however, made a post on how I feel about the game as a whole. This is a very broad topic, and focuses less on balance, and more on gameplay, leaderboard balance, and gameplay balance. I feel as though too many focus on game balance, and too little on gameplay and leaderboard. This is why I wrote this blog post, and why I will be covering these topics.


    This is where the core of the blog post will be. This is also where I may get a little bit heated, so uh..... get ready.

    Gameplay is one of the most overlooked aspects of Clash Royale, but yet is one of the most important. I beleive that even though Supercell as a …

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  • DovahClasher

    Fixing Clash Royale

    August 14, 2016 by DovahClasher

    Am I a game developer? No, not even close. But even I can recognize when a game has apparent flaws that should be attended to. Clash Royale has many flaws, as with any game, but I feel like some of these can be fixed so easily that it's almost embarrassing that Supercell hasn't done anything about it. Here are some problems and how I feel that they could be fixed.

    Legendary Cards

    Ah yes. The legendary cards. There are seven of them right now, and all seven of these are so strong that almost all of them have found their place in the meta. Just to give you an idea if you're unaware, the Princess, for example, has a 9 tile range. 9 tiles. That's longer than anything else in the game. For just 3 elixir, she offers so much value. Back before the …

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  • DovahClasher

    Here we are. I'm not going to tell you how to play, but I want to help anyone I can. I am in Frozen Peak as a free to play, and I never had to use Royal Giant. So, let's get started.

    1. The Important Stuff. In my experience, the deck you make is the most important part of getting higher. Skill is there too, but no matter how skilled you are you will need a good deck. So, let's look at the deck that got me to Royal Arena the first time. I can't upload a photo, so I'll just tell you.

    1.Elixir Collector 2.Giant Skeleton 3.Wizard 4.Bomber 5.Fireball 6.Zap 7.Inferno Tower 8.Fire Spirits

    At first glance, this may seem balanced, but after I got to Royal Arena, I repeatedly lost. Why did this happen? There are many reasons. I won't tell all of them, …

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