Here I took some mottos that I found in clans. The magority of the where at the end of the description of some clans.

Those marked in bold are newer than the others

Heres the list:

  • Thogether we thrive
  • Thogether we live
  • Together we attack
  • Met by computers, United by fight  
  • One clan, one goal
  • We battle thogether
  • We are connected by: computers and our hearts
  • Be courages
  • Just do it
  • Give NO mercy  
  • MAKE them beg for mercy
  • Make them your ****
  • Remove them out of the face of the world(and servers)
  • Think like Kim Joung Um: Kabumm
  • We are united. Not Manchester, just a clan THAT WILL DESTROY YOU!
  • Just throw bananas at them
  • Don't just enter the arena, own the arena!
  • Don't be a good prince, BE AN AWESOME PRINCE
  • Don't let your dreams 
  • Yesterday you said tomorrow so do it- BattleCatsAddict
  • 'Don't let your memes be dreams- 'BattleCatsAddict
  • 'NNGHHHHHHHHHHHH DO IT- BattleCatsAddict'