Hello, welcome to a blog about new card ideas! I hope you will like these Ideas.

1. The Jumping Spell

Cost: 1 elixir

Rarity: Common

Arena: P.E.K.K.A.'s Playhouse (4)

Duration: Depends on level

-Allows every ground troop to jump over the river without crossing the bridges.

2. Warriors (First Boom Beach Troop)

Cost: 5 elixir

Rarity: Epic

Arena: Builder's Workshop (6)

HP: 180 (level 1)

Damage: 98 (level 1)

Spawns: 3

SPECIAL ABILITY: When they hit buildings/towers/troops, they will get HP.

HP gain per hit: 50 (lv. 1)

Hit Speed: 1.3

Speed (movement): Fast

3. Dark Knight

(inspired after  the Dark Prince)

Appearence: A Knight with black/dark purple armor

Shield HP: 60 (lv. 1)

HP: 400 (lv.1)

Dmg: 50 (lv.1 BUT DOES SPLASH DMG)

Speed: Same as Knight

Hit Speed: Same as Knight.

Rarity: Epic

Cost: 3 elixir

Arena: Builders Workshop (6)

4. Minion Spawner

-Spawns 2 minions every 11 seconds

-THE FIRST FLYING building in the game. Can only be targeted by spells and troops that can target the air

-Rarity: Epic

-Cost: 7 Elixir

-Lifetime:1 min.

-Minion level: Depends on the spawner level

-HP: 900

Future cards which I will write about: Dragon, Archer Hut + new rarity: SUPER LEGENDARY