20 Barbarian Hut It's too expensive

19 Goblin hut Furnace is way better

18musketeer All other ranged troops are better

17ice golem Knight is way better

16 heal Too situational

15 Three musketeers Too risky but can 3 crown if used correctly

14 bomb tower Good only against ground swarms . Inferno tower is way better

13 elixir collector Put some other cheap card instead of it

12 rocket Deals high damage but hard to aim

11 dart goblin Good for chip damage. Nice range but health is problem

10mini pekka Really high damage but gets disracted easily

9 battle ram Nice card but hog is better

8 hog rider Nice push card

7 tombstone One of the best defensive card

6 inferno tower Would be on number 2 only if there was no zap , lighting , ice spirit , ewiz

5 Valkyrie Reck most of ground troops specially swarms The best counter to graveyard

4 furnace Best spawner ever

3 giant You know why

2 mega minion Second best air attacking unit

1 wizard Best card in the entire game. This + tornado = best defence ever