This WILL contain spoilers, so if you haven't got that Arena, or played the game then get out.

So I was thinking, what if they added more achivements? Like some more, or lower some for added Achivement *cough*cough* Team Player *Cough*Cough*.

List of Achivements

In Your Dreams!

5 Three Crowns: 10 XP and 3 Gem

25 Three Crowns: 30 XP and 5 Gem

50 Three Crowns: 50 XP and 15 Gem

Building Bomber

10 Destroyed Buildings: 5 XP and 3 Gem

50 Destroyed Buildings: 30 XP and 10 Gem

100 Destroyed Buildings: 100 XP and 20 Gem

Now That's What I Call a Legend!

Become #1 in the World: 300 XP and 150

How Low can you Go?

Have Halfway to Max Cards

Spell Valley: 50 XP and 25 Gem

Builder's Workshop: 100 XP and 50 Gem

Royale Arena: 200 XP and 100 Gem