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  • Da Cuke 45

    • Adding one new arena Titan Arena
    • 6 New Cards
    • New Level: 14
    • Selling Cards
    • New Card Rarity Tier: Royale
    • New type of trophies
    • Discounts with Legend Trophies in Shop!
    • Balance Changes

    More info for each topic coming in the upcoming days!

    See you in the Arena!

    This arena comes at 4000 Trophies. If you came from Legend (Of course you did xD), you'll be award with new trophies. These can be sold for 1000 Gold, or 4 Gems. 

    • The stands are full of Villagers, Builders, and troops
    • Bronze Barbarian Statues are behind each King Tower
    • Blue and Red flags can be seen waving in the arena
    • Everytime a tower is destroyed, confetti is thrown onto the field
    • When the screen zooms out when the match is over, you can see more stands, meaning many people want to see this
    • A giantic w…

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  • Da Cuke 45

    This WILL contain spoilers, so if you haven't got that Arena, or played the game then get out.

    So I was thinking, what if they added more achivements? Like some more, or lower some for added Achivement *cough*cough* Team Player *Cough*Cough*.

    5 Three Crowns: 10 and 3

    25 Three Crowns: 30 and 5

    50 Three Crowns: 50 and 15

    10 Destroyed Buildings: 5 and 3

    50 Destroyed Buildings: 30 and 10

    100 Destroyed Buildings: 100 and 20

    Become #1 in the World: 300 and 150

    Have Halfway to Max Cards

    Spell Valley: 50 and 25

    Builder's Workshop: 100 and 50

    Royale Arena: 200 and 100

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