Hey guys, some people have been wondering how I put music on my page, so I'll show you how to do it.

First, copy this:

<soundcloud url="(Soundcloud URL)" height="20" auto_play="(true/false)"></soundcloud>

Everything in parentheses are changeable (and remove the parentheses!). For the (soundcloud URL), paste the whole URL of a soundcloud music track that you like.

Secondly, the (true/false) will determine whether the audio will start playing or not when the audio is loaded. Change it to True if you want it to automatically start playing, or to false if you wouldn't.


<soundcloud url="" height="1" auto_play="true"></soundcloud>

Makes this:

Make sure you've inserted it into Source Mode. If you haven't, it won't work.

There, you should be all set! If you have any questions or comments, leave it below!