Legendary Card Ratings

Hey there! This is clashroyale1234 rating every single Legendary card.

Scale:1-3=Terrible   4-7=Average   8-9=Great   10=Perfect

Inferno Dragon: This is a very nice legendary card. It can destroy tanks and towers but is vulnerable to swarms. score=8

Lava Hound: This card is an awesome tank. It also carries Lava Pups.(like a strong Minion Horde) score=10

Ice Wizard: The main strength of this card is slowing down the other troops. score=9

Sparky: It takes a long time to charge but has huge damage. It's vulnerable to swarms. score=6

Miner: Miner can work as a tank and do chip damage. score=8

Electro Wizard: Electro Wizard has unlimited zaps and comes with a zap. It also baits Fireball. score=10

Princess: Princess has huge range, does area damage, but is weak. score=9

Lumberjack: This goes very fast, has a very high hit speed, and drops Rage after he dies. score=10

Graveyard: Graveyard summons many skeletons that can do a lot of damage to a tower. It works well with tanks but can be a waste of elixir. score=7

The Log: It can go for a long distance, destroy swarms, and push the opposing troops back. score=10

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