Hello, follow clashers!

I have had troubles in ClashRoyale. I am currently on the lower end of Arena 3.

-I do not have the X-Bow (Also known as the youtuber's nightmare)

-I do have the prince and skeleton army but I had to gem them.

-I have no baby dragons

-I do not have the Giant Skeleton or the Balloon.

In other words I am foreveralone :(


Here is the best card idea ever!.

Name: Balloon Parade

Type: Legendary

Description: What is more beautiful than a single balloon? A balloon parade! It is so beautiful Hog riders will stop to gaze at it's beauty. Looks are decieving however, as this card will reduce everything to ashes until it is stopped. Costs an enormous amount of elixir to summon

Cost: 10 elixir

Deploy time: 4 seconds

Number of balloons: 4

Balloon level: 3

Upgrading the card increases the level of the balloons spawned. The max level is Level 5, spawning level 8 ballons.

Unlike the single balloon, it will target all ground troops and towers. This makes it easy to distract the balloons.

-When it deploys the sound would be an excerpt from the balloon parade song.

-Hog Riders will be distracted by its beauty for a minimum of two seconds, saying "Look! A balloon parade!" This continues until the hog rider is damaged (See the Balloon Parade Commercial)

To counter this card, sparkys will be able to attack air units.