This is the first entry of the Rekt Royale series. View these blog posts for tips and tricks for defeating your opponets!

The Royal Giant is incredibly OP. It fires the cannon at crown towers and defensive buildings, dealing massive damage before being destroyed. Yet like all other units, it can be countered. The answer is suprisingly simple (Credits to CamaroBro for presenting this counter)

You will need:

- A Cannon

- Mini P.E.K.K.A.

- Elixir

- A Poker Face (Optional)

When royal giant is spawned:

1. Deploy the cannon to divert it away from the tower.

2. Deploy the Mini Pekka to destroy it. The mini pekka does massive damage and will destroy it quickly.

3. Spam the thumbs up taunt for your opponet's stupidity

Use this strategy to punish people whose strategy relies on the success of the royal giant!