Graning [pronounced græn-ing | gran-ing] is a late-game strategy involving the sacrifice of one of the players Arena Towers in order to postpone the end of a match by entering Overtime. This is only done to allow more time for the player to attempt to win a Three-Crown Victory. This strategy is often utilised in the moments leading up to the end of a match, when the player is leading by one Arena Tower over their opponent and believes that they could destroy their opponents King's Tower if they had more time available.

Note: Graning is risky as it also could result in a draw or even the opponent claiming victory. A player should only attempt a Gran if they are confident that they can destroy their opponents King's Tower within the one minute of allocated Overtime.


The player should have one more Arena Tower than their opponent for this strategy to be appropriate.

  1. Soften your defence on either the left or the right side depending on which Arena Tower you want to sacrifice. (If you only have one Arena Tower remaining then put more pressure on the other side i.e. if your left side Arena Tower is still standing but your right side Arena Tower is gone then push on the right.
  2. Sacrifice the tower; allow your opponent to destroy your chosen Arena Tower but just before it is destroyed you may wish to deploy more units/cards behind it to avoid the enemy units proceeding to attack your King's Tower.
  3. All-out attack on opponent's King's Tower. Whilst you were allowing your Arena Tower to be destroyed you should have filled up your elixir bar higher than your opponent's; now use all your reserved elixir for a full-on assault on your opponent's King's Tower.


The effectiveness of Graning depends on many different factors such as the player's judgement and the opponent's judgement.