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  • Blueflames3520

    Card ratings

    May 11, 2016 by Blueflames3520

    I don't like giving card ratings. Reasons:

    1.Tedious work

    2. Each card has its strength and weakness. I don't think any card deserves a 1/10

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  • Blueflames3520

    Tips and Tricks

    April 26, 2016 by Blueflames3520

    On this page you will find Tips and Tricks that will benefit you during battle

    • Always put a area damage troop behind your meat shield.
    • Pick what spell to use wisely. Don't use Fireball on hordes of goblins, skeletons, or minions. Use Arrows instead.
    • Never, ever, ever leave yourself with 0 elixir unless you are secure with defense.
    • The troops are like rock paper scissors. Swarms kill Meat shields. Area damage kills Swarm. Meat shields are good deterrent against Area damage troops.
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