I have some questions for the myth-testing community of clash royale:

  • Rage decreases the lifetimer of the X-Bow, does it do the same for other buildings?
  • Can a Bowler knock a Miner back while he's underground?
  • What has a longer travel time, a mortar shell or Goblin Barrel?
  • Is it possible to counter Three Musketeers with 3 elixir or less?
  • Can you completely kill Three Musketeers with Zap+Fire Spirits? (This used to work, but Zap was nerfed to stun for only 0.5 seconds)
  • Is it possible to 3 crown yourself before getting any other towers killed with a Tornado (pulling units to your King Tower)?
  • Can multiple Electro Wizards effectively permastun any unit?
  • How many elixir pumps do you need to rage at one time in order to make a positive elixir trade?
  • How far can you pull a charging Prince with Tornado?
  • Can you kite a ranged unit (like Bowler) into the other lane? (excluding very short-ranged troops like Prince or Minions)
  • What is the furthest distance you can split the Three Musketeers apart from each other?
  • Is it still possible to completely counter Minion Horde with 1 elixir skeletons?

Is Sparky still dead?