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    I have some questions for the myth-testing community of clash royale:

    • Rage decreases the lifetimer of the X-Bow, does it do the same for other buildings?
    • Can a Bowler knock a Miner back while he's underground?
    • What has a longer travel time, a mortar shell or Goblin Barrel?
    • Is it possible to counter Three Musketeers with 3 elixir or less?
    • Can you completely kill Three Musketeers with Zap+Fire Spirits? (This used to work, but Zap was nerfed to stun for only 0.5 seconds)
    • Is it possible to 3 crown yourself before getting any other towers killed with a Tornado (pulling units to your King Tower)?
    • Can multiple Electro Wizards effectively permastun any unit?
    • How many elixir pumps do you need to rage at one time in order to make a positive elixir trade?
    • How…
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  • BattlerMaster

    Deck Sharer

    January 29, 2017 by BattlerMaster

    Hello guys, I've recently just officially published the first version of my deck strategy. If you have time, and the patience to read through the paragraphs that I've wrote, I'd welcome any feedback on both my deck and my strategy. My deck's page can be found here.

    Thanks, BattlerMaster

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