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Councilor Admin
  • I live in The Glourious West Coast of North America
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is working on CSS, designing templates, and creating art
  • I am a Banana
  • Bio Your friendly neighbourhood Banana, admin on several Wikis and Council devotee. Kinda witty and can help with basic art + HTML/CSS styling. You can find me on the and Clash Royale Wikis mainly, though I’ve been on many more.
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  • Banarama

    This post summarizes the most important ways in which Clash Royale could become a fair game once more, returning to its original vision.

    Ah, yes. Multiplayer mode. The most common battles in Clash Royale, and the most basic and important of them all. But are they deserving of that as they are? Let’s see what we have here at the top, eh? Hmmm… All the top players in the same clan… That’s not right… Some of these battles in TV Royale seem pretty…weird? What’s going on? These apparent anomalies are the result of win trading. Basically, you ask someone to lose against you for free trophies, no skill required. Usually, the opponent will still deploy some troops so it doesn’t seem fishy, so this is hard to detect. Many of the top players use this…

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