Another Balance Changes Ideas i'd like to share with you all...

Inferno Dragon, Damage +15%, Health +10%, Speed from Normal to Fast

  • Recently played with it, and i think the Inferno Dragon needs some tweaks, to make sure it is more deadly if ignored, and more powerful on defenses

Bandit, Takes 0.5 less second to dash, Dash range from 4-6 to 3-6, Health +5%, Damage +5%

  • Bandit is one of the most uderused legendary in higher arenas, with 3 elixirs, she can take out ranged troops, destroy low health buildings and tombstones, and also dealing heavy damage to tower if ignored, a buff especially on dash range and dash time make her better in more situations.

Tesla, Health +21%, Damage +17%

  • IMO the reason why Cannon is more popular is because Tesla only has slightly better stats for 1 extra elixir, huge buff should make Tesla a more expensive , but better alternative to a Cannon

Prince, Damage +5%

  • Although Prince can be used effectively with right cards accompanying him, he needs a small tweak so he can one shot Ice Wizard in one charged strike.

Rocket, Crown Tower damage to 30%

  • Rocket offers a very great value when it hits both your spawned support troops and your tower, a little decrease on crown tower damage can decrease the value a little bit.

Hog Rider, Damage -4%, initial attack comes 0.1 sec slower

  • Hog is one of the most feared offensive troops in Clash Royale, this nerf will make it less fearful when it reaches the tower

Giant Skeleton, Damage +10%, Health +10%

  • Getting Giant Skeleton to the tower is almost impossible, he needs more love

Guards, Hitspeed to 1 sec, Health +6%, Damage +6%, Shield +10%

  • Guards is a little bit unreliable due to their weak damage per second, a damage and hitspeed buff should allow them to make more valuable on defense.

Skeleton Army, count increased back to 16

  • Supercell, you know Skeleton Army can be easily zapped right, so why do you keep decreasing their number, it's just decrease their defensive power even more!

That is all, i'd like to hear opinions from you all :)