So.....I have a few balance change ideas that i'd like to share with you all.

Battle Ram, Health +9%, Damage +8%, Take one less second to charge.

  • I feel the Battle Ram should be more punishing, and can become an alternative to Hog Rider

Knight, Health +8%, Damage +8%, hitspeed to 1 sec

  • Knight is outclassed in many ways when compared to other mini tanks in defense, this change should allow Knight become more useful in defense.

Dark Prince, bigger 360 Degree splash radius, Damage +10%, Shield +10%

  • Even if the Dark Prince deals 360 degree splash towards the skeleton army surrounding him, there are some remaining skeletons that can continue to distract the Dark Prince, bigger splash should allow him to wipe them all, damage boost will allow Dark Prince one-shot Guards' shields at tourney standards.

Ice Wizard, Damage +10%

  • This change will allow him to one-shot skeletons at tourney standards

Furnace, lifetime to 40 sec

  • This will make Furnace spawns less fire spirits, and thus less chip damage if the spirits ignored

Baby Dragon, hitspeed to 1.4 sec

  • Faster hitspeed should allow Baby Dragon to deal with hordes more efficiently

Royal Giant, hitspeed to 2 sec

  • Royal Giant still become a cancer even with the recent nerf