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  • AssassinOnDisguise

    So....there are 21 Epics in the game, which is as same as amount of the Rare cards in game. Here i'm going to rank them from worst to best.


    Clone is just plain bad. Clone is very expensive for its value, and all of its good counters (Tornado, Poison, pretty much any splash) are very popular cards. It just doesn't work in almost every deck. Only in Golem and Lava Hound decks it works well.

    I have a hard time deciding either this or Clone should be in the last place, but this is slightly better IMO. Mirror can copy very powerful cards like Battle Ram after you baited out their hard counters, but if they have other counters. You're just putting yourself in Elixir disadvantage.

    Although they have spell resis…

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  • AssassinOnDisguise

    So....there are 21 Rare cards in the game, which is suprisingly even more than the Common cards. Here i'm going to rank them from worst to best.


    I have no hesitation putting this in the last. It cost 5 Elixir, but can only chip around 600+ damage, while cheaper Furnace can chip around 1000+ damage. It less annoying than any other spawners. Really crappy IMO.

    It is very annoying, but the Barbarians spawned can still be defeated easily. And it cost heavy 7 Elixir, and once used, you get vulnerable to pushes. Spawner strategy will not work if your enemies have many splash cards like Bowler.

    Honestly, Bomb Tower still have pretty good usage for 5 Elixir, it can stop Ebarbs, spawners, medium hitpoint troops, e…

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  • AssassinOnDisguise

    So....there are 20 Common cards in the game, here I'm going to rank them from worst to best.


    I don't know what is really good about these guys. They deal almost no damage, now Archers are better in many situations for 1 extra Elixir. These guys almost can't do anything, they die too easily, I barely see any of them in Hog Mountain.

    Honestly, Tesla is pretty weak for a 4 Elixir building, Cannon is better in much more situations since it is cheaper, and most of the time enemy's pushes are ground based. Sure it can target air, but you can just have better anti air units in your deck. Just like Spear Goblins and Goblins, I barely see Tesla in Hog Mountain.

    Ever since the arrival of Goblin Gang, this card is …

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  • AssassinOnDisguise

    Yet another balance changes ideas i'd like to share with you all.

    Sparky, Health +25%, Damage +10%, Range to 5, Area Damage Radius from 2 to 3

    • Sparky has too many counters, only people who experienced using her efficiently, these changes should allow her become better in solo.

    Wizard, Damage +4%

    • A small tweak to allow Wizard one-shot Minions 4 levels higher than him.

    Lightning, Elixir cost to 5, Damage -10%

    • Lightning is decent, but very very expensive, reduced elixir cost, should allow it become more handy, with damage nerf to balance it.

    Goblin Barrel, spawn time reduced to 1.5 sec

    • This change would allow players to deal with Goblin Barrel better.

    Miner, spawn time reduced to 1.2 sec, Health +10%

    • This change would allow players to put counters fast…
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  • AssassinOnDisguise

    Another Balance Changes Ideas i'd like to share with you all...

    Inferno Dragon, Damage +15%, Health +10%, Speed from Normal to Fast

    • Recently played with it, and i think the Inferno Dragon needs some tweaks, to make sure it is more deadly if ignored, and more powerful on defenses

    Bandit, Takes 0.5 less second to dash, Dash range from 4-6 to 3-6, Health +5%, Damage +5%

    • Bandit is one of the most uderused legendary in higher arenas, with 3 elixirs, she can take out ranged troops, destroy low health buildings and tombstones, and also dealing heavy damage to tower if ignored, a buff especially on dash range and dash time make her better in more situations.

    Tesla, Health +21%, Damage +17%

    • IMO the reason why Cannon is more popular is because Tesla only …
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