Standard Levels are the different leveling stages in which all card levels are completely balanced. The most well known standard levels are the Tournament Standard, and the Maximum Level Standard. These standards have balanced card levels for each different rarity. For instance, in the Tournament Standard, a Level 9 Common Card is properly balanced with a level 4 Epic, such as how a Level 4 Prince in charge will take out a Level 9 Barbarian in one hit, whilst it will not do so with a Level 10 Barbarian, leaving it with a sliver of health left. It is consistient throughout each standard level, a Level 5 Prince one shotting a Level to Barbarian in a charge, a Level 6 Prince one shotting a Level 11 Barbarian in a charge etc. All spawners spawn troops corresponding to their Standard Level, for instance, a Level 5 Witch spawns Level 10 Skeletons, as they are at the same Standard Level. Upgrading a Card to a a level above the normal Standard Level gives an advantage, as most opponents Cards are not balanced to the upgraded Cards. This makes some cards inherently stronger if overleveled. For example, a Level 7 Fireball will not instantly kill a Level 7 Musketeer, but it will if the Fireball is level 8.

Below are all of the balanced Standard Levels, starting with the Tournament Standard.

Tournament Standard Level:

Level 10 Standard:

Level 11 Standard:

Level 12 Standard:

Maximum Level Standard: