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    Disclaimer: This article uses the term "Standard Level" very frequently. In order to be able to fully understand what this article is trying to say, please read my other blog post on Standard Levels here . If you have already read the blog post, think you know what a "Standard Level" is, or are just too lazy to read the other blog post, then please enjoy this blog post.

    In higher Arenas, Epic and Legendary Cards are relatively balanced in terms of stats. This is because most players have had time to upgrade their Common and Rare cards to the corresponding Standard Level in order to be balanced. This, however, is not the case in lower Arenas. All players are guaranteed one Epic card halfway through the Training Camp. This Epic Card is heavil…

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    Standard Levels

    November 21, 2016 by Asereje 144

    Standard Levels are the different leveling stages in which all card levels are completely balanced. The most well known standard levels are the Tournament Standard, and the Maximum Level Standard. These standards have balanced card levels for each different rarity. For instance, in the Tournament Standard, a Level 9 Common Card is properly balanced with a level 4 Epic, such as how a Level 4 Prince in charge will take out a Level 9 Barbarian in one hit, whilst it will not do so with a Level 10 Barbarian, leaving it with a sliver of health left. It is consistient throughout each standard level, a Level 5 Prince one shotting a Level to Barbarian in a charge, a Level 6 Prince one shotting a Level 11 Barbarian in a charge etc. All spawners spaw…

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    • Different Chests contain a different number of different cards. (Values do not include gold card)
      • Free: 2-4 cards. 3+ Cards usually means Gems, otherwise, Epic or Legendary. 4 cards almost always means Gems and Epic or Legendary cards. 3x chance for Epic or Legendary compared to Silver Chest.
      • Silver: 2-3 cards. 3 Cards usually means Epic or Legendary cards.
      • Gold: 4 cards. Usually 1 or 2 of them are Rare cards.
      • Crown: 5 cards. 1st Card is Gems, 3x chance of Epic or Legendary, and double Card and Gold contents compared to gold.
      • Giant: 3 cards. At least 1 card is Commons, and at least 1 card is Rares. 3rd card is usually more Rares or Commons, but may be an Epic or Legendary if quotas are already met.
      • Magical: 7 cards. Quota of Rare and Common card…
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