The massive machine trudged through the snow-covered ground, the tank tracks keeping a firm grip to assure that it wouldn't slip. It had just fought a huge battle for control of Spitzer Dam, an area controlled by the CF-Alliance before the fight. The dam was massive... A curved wall separating the land. Spitzer Dam is a winter wonderland, filled with snow and ice. A destroyed Protonium Reactor lay behind it, the result of a massive explosion caused by it, the P-8 Megavessel, and several other E14 Robots destroying every single Protonium Crystal, one by one until it fell apart completely.

The dam was a major choke point in the battle. Both sides of the battle had met and clashed fiercely atop the dam, while few were smart enough to flank the enemy team from the lower pathway... A maze, one could describe it as. A maze full of ice.

Ryan, a simple red fox with the knowledge of the English language, watched over from the mothership. "Another successful battle," he said to himself. "Just another step in the pathway to the major landing zone of GJ 1214b. We'll have to fight them off in Ophiuchus Valley next."

The landing zone lay just ahead of Gliese Lake. There would only be more CF-Alliance Robots there. On top of that, the next destination, Birmingham Power Center, was the only available landing zone on Earth that was anywhere near the wreckage of the USS Vanguard. The war over the site known as Vanguard's End, dedicated when the USS Vanguard suffered an engine failure upon re-entry into the atmosphere, rages on in both the E14 and the CF-Alliance's efforts to recover survivors and collect navigation routes through the Twin Jet Nebula.

The machine entered Ophuichus Valley along with other E14 Robots. The battle was about to start; there was nothing to lose. CF-Alliance Robots rolled into action, ready to fire upon every single one of them...