So far, Sparky is the easiest card in the game to counter. I won't joke around with you, Poison and Arrows are the only two cards that can't destroy or stun Sparky, even when paired with another card.

The problem is the Zap spell, a prominent part of the Elite Barbarians meta since it counters Skeleton Army, the cheapest counter the the Elites, so well.

At this point, Sparky can't be directly buffed. Zaps and Skeletons will always dominate her for far less. The best chance Sparky has is a rework. Here are some ideas.

1. Change Sparky into a building-targetting card.

This will likely increase her Elixir cost, but will eliminate half of her counters.

'2. 'Allow her to fire, even when not fully charged. She can fire again 2 seconds after firing.

This eliminates Zap + Mini PEKKA as a hard counter when supported.

3. Eliminate Zap's damage.

This is an indirect buff to her, removing Zap from the Elite Barbarians meta because it won't deal damage at all. It'll also make Zap a cycle card.

4. Sparky ignores targets with less than half her health.

This will remove Skeletons as reliable counters.

Post your ideas for a rework or indirect buff below.