Hey guys, Alpha654 here again with a guide about how to be a professional Game Master for a successful game.

There are several rules to being the Game Master of any successful game. Here are the biggest ones, ones that you have to know in order to succeed.

You must devote time into updating the game.

This is the biggest rule of the game. You have to put time into updating the game that you're making, and you have to have a schedule on the frequency of updates. The ideal time between updates is 1 day, and the best time to update is after you're done things such as school or hockey practice.

Anyways, updating the game takes time. In the case of my game, Break the Chest, it takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

You heard me right. It can take a whole hour to update my game. Get used to it.

You must please the crowd.

The updates should be perfect, or something close to perfect. If someone lets you know that you made a mistake in updating the game, fix it! If you realize you made a mistake in updating the game, fix it! But if it's a minor detail that doesn't affect gameplay for example a spelling mistake, leave it alone until the next update, especially if others have made the same mistake in their posts. It'll make the players seem bad at spelling. Just point out that you made the mistake.

Don't miss out on the fun.

Be part of the game. Be another player in the game whilst being the Game Master. Just don't bias the game towards yourself.


Have a set of easily visible rules

This should be a no-brainer. Put all the rules of the game into the original post of every thread. Without them, people won't know that you hate double posting, spamming or profanity in your game- and the trolls may take advantage of it.


Just ask a staff member to get rid of the troll's malicious posts. Don't react to them, just get an admin to help or even block them if necessary.

If you don't, they won't stop. Asking the staff for help is the best way to defeat a troll.

More coming soon...