Today I'll explain how to use my new deck, FreezeFlame.

The Deck

I'll tell you now, this deck requires Legendary cards.

Baby Dragon

This card is instrumental in countering swarms of troops sent to distract or destroy the Inferno Dragon.

Dealing splash damage to air and ground troops, he's good to have in your deck.

Inferno Dragon

The win condition. Inferno Dragons can, somewhat easily, lock onto a Crown Tower and devastate it in seconds.

It can also destroy tanks, such as Giants, sent to shield the tower.


A great card for only 4 Elixir. This card stuns units for a long time, allowing the Inferno Dragon to destroy the tower unhindered. It can also save you massive damage to your own tower.


If you don't have the Hound, this is a decent replacement. He's used to escort the two Dragons to the tower and maybe even deal some damage of its own.


In all my months playing, I have NEVER taken Fireball out of a Ladder deck. It's the hard counter to Three Musketeers; it can stop pushes, and it can clutch the victory by taking out a tower.


The Princess is good at chipping away at the opponent's tower. She deals splash damage, able to support the Double Dragon push, and she deals HUGE damage if left uncountered.


It's underused, but it deserves respect. It's one of few buildings that can target air troops, and it has a higher DPS than the Cannon. I have no idea why people don't use this instead of the Cannon...

Fire Spirits

This card deals HUGE damage to swarms for only 2 Elixir, making it a great choice for any deck.

The Basics

How to Play

FreezeFlame, as its name may suggest, consists of using the Baby Dragon, Inferno Dragon and Freeze to destroy Crown Towers quickly and efficiently.

Most cards in this deck can be used offensively and defensively. For example, the two Dragons paired with Freeze can eliminate a whole Alpha WiPe push and set you up for an effective counterpush.

To Counter a Mockingbird

This deck, if played correctly, can counter:

  • Legendary Decks
  • Hog Decks
  • Royal Giant Decks
  • Inferno Tower
  • X-Bow Decks
  • Mortar Decks
  • Sparky

Watch Out!

The push can be countered with these cards. If you face an experienced user, try to force a draw.

  • Rocket
  • Lightning
  • Freeze
  • Zap
  • Giant + Minion Horde

More info coming soon...