So yeah guys! This is my first shot at writing a clash royale blog but I hope its worth it

So here is a deck that has worked well for me till now (no plagiarism I made it myself..!!)

Deck name:sparky miner dual wiz Avg cost : 4 elixir Favourable for : practically anyone with the required cards available Card list : Sparky ;tornado ;goblin barrel ;miner ;ice wizard ;wizard ;Valkyrie ;minion horde minion horde is a personal preference but you can use any good high damage cards of your choice) Specifics for card usage: Sparky : a very good defense strategy and even does well during offensive.use along side tornado to get clusters of troops or use alongside any area damage troops from the deck for offense Tornado: useful in defensive strategy alongside sparky and one of my personal favourite defensive ice wizard + wizard + tornado (though beware of high damage spells and place accordingly) the tornado will being the troops to the centre and wizard will deal loads of damage while ice wiz will control the enemy speeds Goblin barrel: use alongside miner for a 6 elixir high damage combo but beware of counters such as the log or minions Miner : low cost tank troop utilise along the barrel and even wizard or sometimes sparky but counter is skeleton army Ice wizard: use as the tank for a quick 8 elixir blitz along wiz while also providing considerable advantage counters are fireball Wizard : back up sparky,miner,ice wiz and practically everything the wizard never seemed so cool to me..! Valkyrie:perfect tank for sparky,wizard and even the barrel plus the considerable amount of damage Minion horde : use it as a defense against princes and stuff with melee high damage troops

CAUTION: NEVER OVERUSE ELIXIR BY BEING AMBITIOUS BECAUSE SPARKY PLUS WIZ PLUS ICE WIZ IS COOL BUT NOT PRACTICAL NOTE : TORNADO. PLUS SPARKY WILL ALLOW THE ELITE BARBS TO BE COUNTERED USE TH ETORNADO TO ACTIVATE YOUR TOWER EARLY TIPS FOR BUILDING A DECK: 1 balance the aerial and ground defenses with strict control use of low cost high value troops 2 don't think u have to use the legendary because it May turn out to be impractical for the battles ( for eg I dint use graveyard and princess because of the dact that they r easily countered) 3 take a tank card always 4 maximise the efficiency of elixir in the deck 5 confusion in similar use cards May lead you to be stuck then take the higher level card among the two similar one Thanks...!!!! Hope you found these tips useful