• Kabuzan

    Hey Guys, so I have made this deck and it is helping me reach my goal of 3250 trophies. If you are not a fan of using the elite Barbs, well this deck also has a ton of cards that counter them. Here is the deck:(no legendaries!)

    Bowler - Good for stopping hogs, elite Barbs, and other mini tanks like the mini PEKKA

    Tombstone - Although not as useful as it previously was, tombstone is good for taking out tanks, as well as elite Barbs

    Archers - Excellent ranged attackers used to take out minions, minion horde, Valkarye (if used properly) and other cards that are not ranged

    Zap - Good for taking out minion, minion horde, goblin barrel, skarmy, and also good for clutches and resetting inferno towers and other buildings

    Mega Minion - Good support troo…

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