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"Trophies indicate your success in combat. Players gain or lose Trophies by either winning or losing battles!"


  • Trophies are a player's or Clan's skill ranking.
  • Players can gain or lose Trophies by either winning or losing battles.
  • The amount of trophies a player gains or loses is based on how much more or how much less trophies the opponent has compared to his or hers. If the opponent has more trophies, then the player will lose less trophies, and vice versa.
  • Getting a certain number of trophies unlocks a new Arena.
    • For example, 400+ Trophies is required to unlock the Bone Pit (Arena 2).
    • If you lose a battle and are currently in 370, then you will still be in Bone Pit until you reach 350 trophies.
  • By reaching 4,000 Trophies or higher, the player can enter Leagues.

Arena Unlocks

Tournament Trophies

Main article: Tournament
  • This type of trophy appears only in Custom Tournaments. It is used in a similar fashion to regular Trophies, but can only be gained or lost within Custom Tournaments.
  • At the end of the Custom Tournament, players with more Tournament Trophies will be rewarded with bigger Tournament Chests.


  • Leagues are a special feature which is unlocked upon reaching 4,000 Trophy.
  • While in a League, players get additional Victory Gold. The rewards in regular Chests, save for the end-of-season Draft Chest, remain constant throughout the Leagues.
  • The season will reset on the first Monday of each month.
  • At the end of each season, players in a League will be reset to a certain trophy level. This trophy level depends on the player's league.
    • If you are in the Challenger League (Challenger I, II, or III), then you will be reset to 4,000Trophy.
    • If you are in the Master League (Master I, II, or III), then you will be reset to 4,300Trophy .
    • If you are in the Champion League (Champion, or Grand or Ultimate), then you will be reset to 4.600Trophy.
  • Players will also be given a Draft Chest which allows them to choose between pairs of cards. The amount of contents in the Draft Chest depend on the highest league the player has reached in the season.

League Statistics

League Trophy Requirement Season Reset Victory Gold
Challenger I4,000 Trophy4,000 Trophy24
Challenger II4,300 Trophy26
Challenger III4,600 Trophy28
Master I4,900 Trophy4,300 Trophy30
Master II5,200 Trophy32
Master III5,500 Trophy34
Champion5,800 Trophy4,600 Trophy36
Grand Champion6,100 Trophy38
Ultimate Champion6,400 Trophy40

Draft Chest

League Gold Total cards Guaranteed cards
Challenger I1,919 - 2,12110110 Epics + 50 Rares
Challenger II2,869 - 3,17115115 Epics + 75 Rares
Challenger III3,819 - 4,22120120 Epics + 100 Rares
Master I4,769 - 5,27125125 Epics + 125 Rares
Master II5,719 - 6,32130130 Epics + 150 Rares
Master III6,669 - 7,37135135 Epics + 175 Rares
Champion7,619 - 8,42140140 Epics + 200 Rares
Grand Champion8,569 - 9,47145145 Epics + 225 Rares
Ultimate Champion9,519 - 10,52150150 Epics + 250 Rares


  • On 2/2/16 the February 2016 Update added the Legendary Arena and Legend Trophies.
  • On 29/2/16 the March 2016 Update added a new Arena, Builder's Workshop which unlocks at 1,700 trophies.
  • On 4/7/16 the Tournaments Update added a new Arena, Frozen Peak which unlocks at 2,300 trophies.
  • On 15/8/16, the trophy infusion level was increased to 2,000 from 1,000.
    • This meant that up to 2,000 trophies, the winner would gain more trophies than the loser lost. Above this point, the trophies won by the winner would be equal to the trophies lost by the loser.
  • On 13/1/17, a new Arena, the Jungle Arena, was added, which unlocks at 2,600 trophies.
  • On 13/3/17, the March 2017 Update added a new Legendary Arena at 3,800 trophies and renamed the old Legendary Arena to Hog Mountain. Leagues were also added to the game which start from 4,000 Trophy with the last League being at 6,400 Trophy.


  • Trophies are similar to those of the same name in Clash of Clans.
  • After entering an Arena, you can lose up to 50 trophies below the required amount before receding back to the previous arena.
  • Trophies you gain are deducted from your opponent's trophy count.
  • If you win a match and your opponent has no more trophies to be deducted, you will still gain 30+ trophies while the opponent loses nothing.
  • If a player manages to get on the Leaderboards (Global), they may get the message, "Another top player is looking for a match!"
  • In Clash Royale, League divisions are ranked I, II, III from low to high, but in Clash of Clans the reverse holds.
  • The Challenger League badges re-uses the Bronze, Silver, Gold League badges in Clash of Clans, and the Ultimate Champion League badge uses the Legend League badge's color scheme in Clash of Clans.

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