This page is about Challenge events. For the main mode events, see Events.
King's Cup

From time to time, Special Event Challenges will appear on the player's Tournament tab. Special Event Challenges are similar to Classic and Grand Victory Challenges, offering similar rewards and having similar rules while also possessing a similar matchmaking system separate from ladder play. However, special event challenges have certain special conditions and can have one-time rewards which can be won by reaching certain win counts for the first time in that challenge. If the Special Event Challenge ends and your current challenge attempt has not yet reached the maximum number of wins or 3 losses, you will be given the prize of your current number of wins.


  • Draft Challenge: A challenge in which players are given a choice between two cards and gets to keep one while giving the other to his/her opponent. Each player picks 4 cards. If a card is featured, one of the players will be guaranteed to get that card.
  • Double Elixir Challenge: A challenge in which Elixir generates at two times the normal speed throughout the whole match. However, players start with 0 Elixir instead of 5.
  • Triple Elixir Challenge: Similar to the Double Elixir Challenge, but Elixir generation rate is triple the normal rate throughout the match.
  • Ramp Up Challenge: Elixir generation rate is normal at the first minute, double at the second minute, and triple from the third minute onwards.
  • Sudden Death Challenge: The game starts with 3 seconds left of normal time and then proceeds into a 3-minute Overtime. The match begins with double Elixir generation since it starts in the last few seconds of normal time. The player who gets the first Crown wins, similar to Overtime in normal battles.
  • Built Deck Challenge: A challenge in which pre-built decks are given at random to each player.
  • Locked Card Challenge: A challenge in which players get to build a deck with any card in the game but have to use a specific card that is locked in the first slot. The player wins the featured card, often through one-time rewards.
  • Retro Royale Challenge: A challenge in which players build decks exclusively with cards that were available when the game entered beta.
  • Modern Royale Challenge: A challenge in which players build decks exclusively with cards released after the game entered beta.
  • Mini Card Challenge: A challenge with only 3 or 6 wins at maximum that features a card, usually a common, rare, or epic. These challenges do not have free entries and give the featured card through one-time rewards. This type of challenge uses either the Draft Challenge rule or the Locked Card Challenge rule.
  • 2v2 Challenge: A challenge which has 2 players on each team.
  • Mirror Challenge: Both players have the same random deck and have the same initial deck rotation. It also features the Mirror card, making the word "Mirror" a double entendre.
  • Touchdown Challenge: Uses Touchdown mode, where players aim for reaching the opponent's end zone instead of destroying Crown Towers.
  • Rage Challenge: All Troops and Buildings are in the effect of Rage. Elixir generation is 1.35x normal as well. This Rage environment can be stacked with Rage card or the Lumberjack's dropped Rage.

Note that multiple Challenge Types can stack as long as they don't conflict:

  • In 2v2 Draft Challenges (either regular or Touchdown), player Blue 1 and player Red 1 pick cards for each other, and so do player Blue 2 and player Red 2. If the Challenge has a featured card, it will be guaranteed to appear in both pairs of opposing players and will end up being contained in two player's decks. Players of the same team can see each other's card picking process, and one player can wait a few seconds to see his teammate's choice before making his own choice, in order to get a better card combination and/or to prevent the opposing team from doing so.
  • In 2v2 Mirror Challenges, player Blue 1 and player Red 1 get the same deck with the same initial deck rotation, and so do player Blue 2 and player Red 2. All four players have the Mirror card in the deck.