• Clans should be able to start tournament pools. Clans members would donate gems towards a clan hosted tournament started by a member. The goal is to spread the financial burden from single individuals to multiple donors. Gems would not be deducted until the tournament goes online. Like troop donations, there would be exp/gold compensation

    This would make both huge and small tourneys more accessible. From a Supercell financial standpoint, it would make gems more valuable/useful since leftover gems could be donated.

    50 members x 5,000 gems each (x300 card tourney) =  250,000 gems, x15,000 card tourney

    50 members x 1,000 gems each (x60 card tourney) =  50,000 gems, x3,000 card tourney

    50 members x 10 gems each ($0.13 max) = 500 gems, x30 card tourney


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    • I AGREE 1000%! It's absolutely retarded that you can't donate gems to the clan and one person is expected to pay for 250k worth of gems to start the best tournament... It's all about Supercell wanting CASH CASH CASH... If they put in this function people wouldn't be wasting their gems on gold as I doubt it will happen. All they care about is money. Good idea though!

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    • I love the idea of each person contributing to a tourney.

      But who's gonna play host? Will the title of host be shared by everyone?

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    • @Gutheck - the people who gem for gold probably have enough dough to do both lol.

      @MagmaHound - Since clan members contribute, It'd make sense for "Hosted by: " to show the clan's name, but a single leader/co-leader would be able to start the pool and set options. 

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    • from a finacial point of view both parties  would benifit both parties being supercell and us the customer as it would help push the sale of smaller gem packages to customers who dont have £££$$$ to spend i.e the 80 gem packs increase of sales furthermore players who p2w will still buy larger packs as its more for your money ...

      just my thouights let me know yopur vies on this appologies for spelling errors i am typing this as fast as i can before my boss come #clashislove #clashislife

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