“TV Royale contains some of the best games played recently. Watch and learn!”

TV Royale is unlocked at the Goblin Stadium (Arena 1). It showcases highlighted battles between two players in the game. TV Royale is a place for players to see replays of close battles.

Replays and Channels

Tv royale
  • A new TV Royale replay is added to each channel every hour, and a battle replay will disappear from TV Royale after 24 hours, so the maximum number of replays in a channel is 24.
  • Generally, battles in TV Royale will be upset matches, three crown draws, unusual decks, and close calls except for the Legendary Arena (Arena 12) channel, which also includes many top player matches.
  • TV Royale has 12 different channels, one for each Arena. This allows the player to view battles of different levels.

Information Displayed

  • The competing players, their battle deck, and Clan.
    • Clicking on a player gives you the option to view their Profile and Clan.
    • Clicking on a card shows its stats.
  • How many players have watched the replay.
  • Once watched, a replay will turn gray, "watched" will appear at the top and the number of Crowns gained by both players will be shown.


  • On 11/1/16, an update changed the upload frequency from 2 replays every 3 hours to one replay every hour.
  • On 3/5/16, the May Update made available 8 different channels, 1 for each Arena. Before it, the TV Royale showed only replays from the top players.
  • On 4/7/16, the TV Royale button was shifted to the Battle section at the middle to make room for the Tournaments button. It was also tweaked so the Arena 9 (Legendary Arena at the time) channel showed more replays from top players rather than close calls, similar to its original function. It also added a new channel for the new Arena that was added, Frozen Peak.


  • If you have notifications enabled, you will be notified when a clanmate's battle is featured in TV Royale.
  • You can view the stats of cards you haven't unlocked in TV Royale or a different level of a card than the one you have.