The Player Profile displays information about a player including their information, player and tournament statistics, Battle Deck, and Experience level. It can be accessed from the top of the Battle tab. Other players' profiles can be viewed from the Clan information interface or the Friends list.

Player Information

Player profile

The Player Profile is headed by the player's general information. This includes:

  • Player Name
  • Player Tag
  • Clan and their rank (Leader, Co-Leader, Elder or Member)
  • Trophy Count
  • Arena or League Level (if the player is in a League, the League is shown instead of the Arena)
  • Clan Trophies

If the player is in a Clan then there will be a button labelled Clan at the bottom of the section. Tapping it will redirect the viewer to the player's Clan page. If the player is eligible for a clan (i.e. finished the Tutorial) but not in one, an Elder/Co-Leader/Leader from another clan will see an option to invite the player instead of the "Clan" button.

Stats Royale

The Stats Royale section shows the player's statistics:

  • Wins
  • Three Crown Wins
  • Highest Trophies
  • Current Favorite Card
  • Cards Found (out of the total number of cards)
  • Total Donations

Clan War Stats

The Clan War Stats section shows statistics about the player's Clan War activity.

  • War Day wins
  • Clan Cards collected

Challenge Stats

The Challenge Stats section shows statistics about the player's Challenge activity.

Tournament Stats

The Tournament Stats section shows statistics about the player's Tournament activity.

  • Matches played
  • Cards won

Battle Deck

The Battle Deck section lists the cards of the player's last used Battle Deck and their levels. Tapping on a card will reveal its stats. The average Elixir cost of the deck is also displayed under the Battle Deck.

  • If you have all 8 cards of the player's Battle Deck, you can copy the player's Battle Deck onto one of your deck slots.
    • If you do not have all 8 cards, a pop-up will show that will tell you how many cards you are missing.
    • You cannot copy the deck of someone who doesn't have at least 8 cards (i.e. in Training Camp).

Player Level

With the player's Experience Level at the top, the Player Level section also lists the stats of the player's King's Tower and Princess Towers:

Icons stats hp Hitpoints
Icons stats deploy time Hit Speed 
Icons stats range Range 
Icons stats dmg Damage