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  • I live in a comet
  • I was born on July 4
  • My occupation is CEO of the ICE-N
  • I am a sentient ice cube
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  • Nice ice, nice ice!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • So, I noticed that you quit Clash Royale because everyone was countering your deck.

    Here's one that I've found particularly successful over the months. It may just help you get back on your feet.

    PEKKA: Destroyer of Tanks

    PEKKA is my favourite card. It's extremely resilient, and destroys tanks and mini-tanks with ease.

    On offense, PEKKA is the big win condition. Using Witch and Musketeer behind her is a very effective strategy. Dealing a whopping 561 damage per hit at Level 2, if she gets to a tower, you've gotten yourself a crown.

    On defense, however, PEKKA can tank several shots from glass cannons like Mini PEKKAs and even set you up for a counter-push.

    She can even destroy the supposedly cancerous Royal Giant, overleveled or not.

    Witch: Destroyer of Swarms

    Witch is ideal for defeating swarms of troops sent to kill the PEKKA. Replacing her with the Wizard is a good option, but the Skeletons that she spawns can protect the PEKKA from the Inferno Tower as well.

    Musketeer: The Glass Cannon

    Musketeer is an extremely effective card against flying troops such as Lava Hound, Meta Minion and Baby Dragon.

    On defense, that little extra firepower can nullify the remains of a push.

    Minion Horde: Positive Elixir Trade

    There's a lot you can do with Minion Horde, whether or not the opponent uses Arrows.

    It can easily defeat anything that's not an air-targetting splash unit.

    Elixir Collector: Rocket Magnet

    It's able to generate some extra Elixir for me, but it can also double as a Rocket bait.

    Fireball: The Push Stopper

    Eliminates most of the units present in a push.

    Tesla: The Hog Stopper

    It can soak up a few hits from tower-targetting troops like Hog Riders, effectively nullifying them. It's also said to be the hard counter to a lone Lava Hound.

    Rage: The Tower Destroyer

    If your units get to a Crown Tower, drop this and watch it crumble.

    More info coming soon.

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  • I'm Gmasher and I'm new to the Clash Royale wiki! Hey, your on the Boom Beach Wiki as well! You don't mind if me, Magma Hound and Salat cross stories with you? I already made a blog regarding the massive story cause you weren't on the Boom Beach Wiki. Click here for the Ultimate Story.

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  • I feel for you.

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    Banarama closed this thread because:
    Necropost -_-
    02:34, April 5, 2017
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    • Don't worry about it. I dropped 100 trophies back to Arena 6, but I didn't give up. Just don't let the losing streaks consume you and keep chugging. Victory is never too far.

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    • hey, i dropped from spell valley to bone pit and raged at supercell, weve all been there...

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  • Are you still online? 

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  • File:New cards.png
    Ice MegaPEKKA 030416

    Or can a naked Mega P.E.K.K.A win?

    Just asking who you think would win or what hero it could take down.

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  • I feel like this a lot.

    Ice Sometimes 010616
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  • Your profile picture is... Unusual. But it's quite cool for a custom made pic. Good job XD

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  • Ice MegaPEKKA 300516
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  • Has anyone else ever gotten 11 of them down?

    Ice Pumps 300516

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