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"Spawns one lively little Ice Spirit to freeze a group of enemies. Stay frosty."


  • The Ice Spirit is unlocked from the Frozen Peak (Arena 8).
  • It is an area damage, short-ranged troop with low hitpoints and damage.
  • An Ice Spirit card costs 1 Elixir to deploy.
  • Like its counterpart, the Ice Spirit will launch itself at its target when attacking, which kills the Ice Spirit.
  • The Ice Spirit will temporarily freeze any troops targeted for 1.5 seconds.


  • An Ice Spirit paired with a Hog Rider is a great combination, as the Ice Spirit will freeze any troop or buildings trying to counter the Hog Rider.
  • The Ice Spirit can be useful to help a Crown Tower take out some horde troops, such as Minion Hordes or Spear Goblins.
    • However, it is only a single troop with low hitpoints, so it can be one-shotted or two-shotted by almost everything. If this is the case,you can use a distracting/tank troop before using an Ice Spirit.
    • It's also important to note that the Ice Spirit must be 1 level higher to take out Spear Goblins.
  • The Ice Spirit can serve as a replacement for the Zap, as it freezes troops for three times as long while having only half the cost. However, it does noticeably less damage than the Zap, having trouble killing even Spear Goblins unless the Ice Spirit is one level higher. It also cannot be directly placed onto the opponents side. The player can place cheap troops such as Skeletons to soak up the Ice Spirit's attack.
  • When paired with Skeletons, it can be used to cycle through the deck quickly, allowing for the placement of more defensive and offensive cards.
  • For just one Elixir, the Ice Spirit is a strong card to have in many Decks due to its ability to cycle the deck, and to stall for time for other troops or even the Tower to defeat an oncoming threat.
  • Unlike the Fire Spirits, the Ice Spirit can reach an equal level Crown Tower by itself, so it may be viable to send in the Ice Spirit first in an attack to freeze any troops played on defense, or to get extra hits on the Crown Tower.
  • Due to its attack range being 2.5 tiles the Ice Spirit can manage to throw itself onto the Prince without the Prince being able to attack the Ice Spirit with its charge strike, stopping the Prince for 1.5 seconds and resetting his charge attack unlike Fire Spirits which will die to the slightly longer attack range of the Prince.
  • Ice Spirits are good in supporting a push. For example, if the player has glass cannons like Musketeers behind a tank, a Valkyrie can defeat the glass cannons but the Ice Spirit can freeze the Valkyrie for 1.5 seconds, preventing this from happening and enabling the Valkyrie to take heavy damage.
  • Because this card is so fragile, placement is important. Placing it incorrectly will cause the oncoming troops to kill the Ice Spirit before it has a chance to act, allowing troops like Minions to continue to deal damage.
  • If placed correctly, the Ice Spirit can hit all 6 Minions in a Minion Horde which can bring their health down enough for them to die to a Zap.
  • For a 1 Elixir card, the Ice Spirit offers incredible value with its hitpoints.


  • The Ice Spirit card was added to the game on 4/7/16 with the Tournaments Update.
  • On 1/11/16, a Balance Update decreased the Ice Spirit's freeze duration to 1.5 sec (from 2 sec).
  • On 23/1/17, a Balance Update decreased the Ice Spirit's damage by 10%.


  • The Ice Spirit is one of two troops to die as part of its attack, the other being the Fire Spirits.
  • Although the Ice Spirit and the Fire Spirits are very similar (both are kamikaze splash units), the Ice Spirit has a bigger splash radius and a longer range. It also has more health, enabling it to survive at least one shot from most troops, and reach the Crown Tower alive, even when alone.
  • The Ice Spirit can kill equal level Fire Spirits.
  • The Ice Spirit and the Skeletons are the only cards that cost only one Elixir, making them the cheapest cards in the game.
  • It has the same hitpoints as a Minion of equal level.


Icons stats speed
Deploy Time
Icons stats range
Icons stats target
Freeze Duration
Icons stats boost freeze
1Very Fast (120)1 sec2.5Air & Ground1.5 secGroundTroopCommon
Icons stats hp
Area Damage
Icons stats dmg area
2 99 49
3 108 54
4 119 59
5 131 65
6 144 72
7 158 79
8 173 86
9 190 95
10 209 104
11 230 115
12 252 126
13 278 139

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