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"Gems can be used to buy gold or speed up the unlocking of chests."


  • Gems are the premium currency of Clash Royale.
  • When players first download the game, they begin with 100 Gems. Additional Gems can be earned in-game by completing Achievements, opening Chests, or purchased with real money.
  • Free Chests and Crown Chests are the only chests to contain gems, containing 2-4 gems. Free Chests don't always contain Gems, but Crown Chests always do.

Purchasing Gems

Gems can be purchased from the shop for the following amounts: (All amounts in USD)

Image in Shop Price (USD) Gems Name Gems per Dollar (USD)
Fistfull of Gems
$0.99 80 Fistful of Gems 80 gems / 1 dollar
Pouch Of Gems
$4.99 500 Pouch of Gems 100 gems / 1 dollar
Bucket Of Gems
$9.99 1 200 Bucket of Gems 120 gems / 1 dollar
Barrel Of Gems
$19.99 2 500 Barrel of Gems 125 gems / 1 dollar
Wagon Of Gems
$49.99 6 500 Wagon of Gems 130 gems / 1 dollar
Mountain Of Gems
$99.99 14 000 Mountain of Gems 140 gems / 1 dollar


Main article: Shop
  • You can skip the opening of Chests with your Gems. Every 10 minutes worth of the remaining unlocking time that is skipped costs 1 Gem.
  • You can buy Gold and Chests for Gems.
  • You can also start Tournaments using Gems.

Obtaining Gems Without Purchase

  • Gems are also available to be found inside the Free Chest and Crown Chest. However, you can not find gems in the Silver, Golden, Magical, Giant, or Super Magical Chests.
  • Gems can also be earned by completing Achievements.


  • Clash Royale is the second Supercell game to feature a $0.99 premium currency package. (The first one was Hay Day, which allowed you to spend $0.99 to purchase a "Pile of Coins").
  • The Barrel of Gems looks similar to that of the Goblin Barrel. The Pouch of Gems looks different from the one Goblins carry in Clash of Clans, as it is slightly lighter in color and lacks holes and patches.
  • If the language is set to Japanese, you can see how many gems you have got for free and how many you have purchased, by tapping on the amount of gems on the upper right corner.

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