Use this tool to build, analyze, and share battle decks. Use the form at the left to select the cards for the battle deck, and submit the form to view various statistics about the deck. Use the save button to save decks and quickly recall them later. At the right, view the cards in the battle deck, and use the numbered buttons to load saved decks. The cards can also be clicked to view that card's individual statistics.

Once the battle deck has been built and the form has been submitted, the Deck Summary section of the result displays various vital statistics of the deck, the Card Comparison section makes it easy to compare the cards in the deck and choose the best card for each role in a battle, the Damaging Spell Counters section displays the spells that can defeat each of the troops and buildings in the deck, and the Substitutions section suggests similar cards for each card in the deck to make it easy to find suitable replacements for each card. The tool will also generate a URL and display it below the result that can be used to share the battle deck with others.

This tool saves card data that it has previously retrieved between page loads to reduce load times. Be sure to clear the memory using the "Clear Memory" button below after a game update that modifies the statistics of cards to ensure that the tool retrieves the latest data.

This tool was made by King Dragonhoff.

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