Hey guys! Soul here, and I'm going to show you a pretty cool deck.

Deck Information

Page Created by: soul36reaper
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Card Roles

Bandit: The Disruptor. This card is annoying. It can be very easy to deal with, and also the biggest threat. On a charge, it can kill Wizard for positive elixir, without losing much health. Use it solo when opponent is out of elixir to severely damage tower.
Hog Rider: Your main win condition. Hog Rider is a perfect example of why the game is cancerous. To make it truly lethal....
Goblin Barrel: ...Use it with Goblin Barrel! Tower locks on to Hog Rider, and the Goblins do a lot of damage.
Inferno Dragon: I initially used it only as a replacement for Inferno Tower. When I said bandit could be the biggest threat.... I lied - This is the biggest threat. Ideal push would be Inferno Dragon in the back, wait for 7 elixir, then Hog at bridge and barrel at tower. Triple threat leads to rash decisions by the opponent and the two spells in the deck will shut down any counters.
X-bow: Ultimate offense and defense combined. Preferably Lvl 3 or higher.
Skeleton Army: No explanation required. Best 3 elixir you could ever spend.
Arrows: Used to kill Minion Horde.
Zap: Zap. 2 elixir that actually saves the Hog Rider. The spell's speed is what makes it more alluring and useful compared to Fireball or Arrows. ==Strategy==
  •  X-bow is the ideal first card to play. Initially, it's a good idea to play defensive. Keep it in range of both arena towers and away from the river to make sure it's not rekt by minions. Don't keep it too back however - X-bow's biggest asset is it's range.
  •  Bandit should always be played with jurisdiction. Know what she can match up against. Princess, Miner and the trio of Wizards (also Night Witch) are her best victims. Hog Rider, Battering Ram, and Giant can also get KO'd given enough time. It'd be foolish to match her up against Mini-P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, or even Knight. God forbid you use it to counter Elite Barbs. On offense, the best play is to use her to attack when they have no elixir.
  •  Biggest Push is a counter push. InfernoDra kills enemy troop near bridge and it is damaged. This is very Risky, but if it works, it will destroy a tower. Play Hog + GBarrel when the Inferno Dragon reaches the river. Tower will lock onto Hog. Opponent needs to get rid of InfernoDra otherwise it will destroy the tower. It is simply a distraction and a psychological weapon. GBarrel + Hog is the real weapon. Don't play it prematurely. Remember Hog + GBarrel can be played without the Inferno Dragon - Defer to your better judgment. It is a triple threat with 2 weaknesses, Skarmy, and Minion Horde, which are the exact troops that are countered by Zap and Arrows respectively (Keep those Spells Handy!).
  •  Inferno Dragon can be used on offense as well as defense. Keep this in mind. It is a moving inferno tower.
  • After a tower has been dealt a mortal blow (It has give or take a thousand health....) X-bow can be used offensively. Use X-bow to kill that tower while pressuring the other lane.
  • Skarmy needs no explanation on how to use. Drop it on defense, Offense, Draw out their spells - You name it, someone has already done it.


  • Elite Barbs + Spell: This eats Skarmy for Breakfast and your tower for lunch.
  • Wizard + Slow Mini-Tank: Can be very dangerous. Skarmy Doesn't work because of Wiz.
  • A Bad Hand: Don't Laugh. X-Bow, Bandit, Inferno Dragon And Skarmy is a pathetic opening hand.
  • Bad Placement and Bad Elixir trades: It happens to everyone.