Hello everybody, today i'm going to share my own X-Bow decks which bring me to Jungle Arena. This Siege deck archetype will be based around X-Bow decks. This deck are also created for 2 Crown wins and / or 1 Crown wins.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Username is available
Minimum Recommended King Level: 7
Maximum Recommended King Level: 11
Arena Required: Royal Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

Card Roles

X-bow: This buildings is one of the 2 Offensive Building with the fastest hit speed and longest range in this game, at 0.25 second and 11.5. Because of this, X-Bow can destroy an Arena Tower easily if left ignored which would be a shame. In this decks, X-Bow will be a primary Win Conditions Cards and/or a Punishment Cards.
Valkyrie: With her 360 degree splash radius and high hitpoints, she is really good both at offense and defense. In this decks, Valkyrie will be a Counter Cards and/or Support Units.
Wizard: His Fireball (and handsomeness?) will blow away everything in his sight. He can be a threat due to his splash damages which help him taking out every air units easily. In this decks, Wizard will be a Anti Air Units, Defense Cards, Offense Cards, Counter Cards, and/or Support Units.
Fire Spirits: This cute spirits which going on a Kamikaze mission can deal lots of damages just for the cost of 2 Elixir. making Fire Spirits very versatile for offense, defense, and support. In this decks, Fire Spirits will be a second Anti Air Units, Counter Cards, Offense Cards, Defense Cards, Support Cards, and/or Cycle Cards.
Zap: This spell are one of the most versatile cards in this game. Zap has a 0.5 seconds Stun which can reset troops/buildings/towers target and attack, reset Prince/Dark Prince/Battle Ram/Inferno Tower/Inferno Dragon/Sparky charges, takes out swarm troops, and allow some troops to get 1 extra hits just for the cost of 2 Elixir. Quite shocking! In this decks, Zap will be a Defensive Spell, Counter Cards, Offensive Spell, Support Cards, and/or Cycle Cards.
Battle Ram: These two Barbarians hold a ram which act like a Dark Prince or Guards shield while charge towards enemy buildings, dealing lots of damage to it, and the Barbarians will finish it. In this decks, Battle Ram will be a second Win Condition Cards, Distraction Cards, and/or Punishment Cards
Dark Prince: With his spiked club, the Dark Prince will splash any troops in front of him can deal quite a lot of damages if left ignored. His charge attack have a 360 degree splash radius so he cannot be surrounded by a small swarm troops cards. His shield allow him to survive even longer and take massive damages without getting hurt. In this decks, the Dark Prince will be a second Counter Cards, Support Troops, Offense Cards and/or Defense Cards.
Minions: Minions can easily deal lots of damages in the air on a troop that cannot target air without getting hurts. Minions also can take out swarm troops effectively and survive for a counter push. Minions are great for countering air units too. In this decks, Minions will be a Counter Cards, Support Cards, Offense Cards, Defense Cards, Flying Cards, and/or Group Cards.


  • At the start of the match, you may want to save up some Elixir for the X-Bow or a Battle Ram.
  • After reaching 10 Elixir, you will have an option:
    • 1. Places a Battle Ram along with Fire Spirits to do some quick damages.
    • 2. Places a Battle Ram and a Dark Prince for a push.
    • 3. Places a Battle Ram, then hover a Zap in case they have Skeleton Army to quickly take out the Skeleton Army, and possibly getting a bit of damages to the enemy towers so the Battle Ram can reach the enemy towers.
    • 4. Places a Wizard or Valkyrie right in the back where you're going to push to accumulate some Elixir.
    • 5. Immediately places an X-Bow with a Fire Spirits, Zap, and Dark Prince in your hands.
    • 6. Let the opponent put their cards first.
    • 7. Places an defensive X-Bow to counter the Fire Spirits from the opponent's Furnace and close enough to the Furnace so the X-Bow will start whittled it down.
  • Do not waste at least more than 6 Elixir if they're using an Elite Barbarians and their Elite Barbarians is in rotation. Those single Elite Barbarians push can easily take out you're Crown Tower if you do spend more than 6 Elixirs.
    • But if you know that they're Elite Barbarians is out of rotation, it is safe to spend more than 6 Elixirs.
  • Avoid taking many Crown Towers damages as possible at any cost.
  • If one of your Crown Towers is at low health or have been destroyed and you have destroyed 1 Crown Towers, aim for the second Crown Towers immediately.
    • But if all of you're Crown Tower still had some good amount of health, go play defensively till the match is over.
    • If you find yourself having trouble trying to take out the enemy Crown Tower, it was better to go for a Draw while trying to cause you're opponents to spend Elixirs so that they cannot build a huge push.