MiraMuskie here, introducing another deck. Actually, no, this is not a deck at all. THIS IS CANCER! I highly recommend to NOT use this deck aside from friendly battles, as a troll deck. If you use this deck, I will personally come over to your house and destroy you (JK).

Deck Information

Page Created by: MiraMuskie
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 10
Arena Required: Hog Mountain
Average Elixir Cost: 5.3

Card Roles

Elite Barbarians: The iconic Elite Cancers are one of the most hated cancer lifeforms of all, as they can do absolute tons of damage, all without skill.
Lightning: The Cancerning is yet another super annoying cancer card due to it being able to eliminate any 2 counters for any attacking card, while still landing a bonus tower hit. Used most with the Royal Cancer.
Three Musketeers: Although expensive, the 3 Cancerteers can defend against almost anything, while setting up for a threatening counterpush.
Heal: Not really cancer anymore, but can still heal the 3 Cancerteers enough to destroy any unsuspecting tower.
Royal Giant: Need I explain? This big fat buffalo can do amazingly damage without skill, tanking tons while being an agonizing pest.
Elixir Collector: Not cancer. This card is here to rack up the elixir to push with all your expensive cancer cards.
Furnace: Did I forget something? Oh yeah, the Cancer Oven! This card is a big pain in the posterior, as it keeps SO many troops back, providing a tough wall of defense.
The Log: Not cancer at all. Only here to get rid of Skarmies, which may interfere with the Royal and Elite Cancers.


  • Even though you shouldn't use this for and ladder or tournament matches, there is way you can win with this deck.
  • Always start by either placing your Royal Giant, Furnace, or Elixir Pump in the back. If you have both the Elixir Pump or Furnace in the starting hand, never place them next to each other, as a Lightning or Fireball can counter them for a positive elixir trade. If your opponent rushes, try to counter it with The Log, Elite Barbarians, or Lightning. Always support your Royal Giant with the Three Musketeers, if the opponent has their kill card out of cycle. If the opponent has a slow deck, respond by rushing with the Elite Barbarians and The Log. Always place your Log with the E-Barbs, as your opponent would probably counter with a swarm card, considering a major loss of Elixir.
  • Use your Furnace on defense to lure building-targeting troops such as the Giant, Hog Rider, etc.
  • To counter tank with ground glass cannons strategy, put Elite Barbarians to kill the glass cannons, and then the Elite Barbarians will move on to kill the tank.
  • If your opponent Fireball's or Poison the three Musketeers, surprise them by placing a Heal on top of them. Their health will be mostly restored back, and then place your E-Barbs or RG in front of them, so that the opponent would have a hard time countering the Three Muskets.