This is a Trifecta Cycle Deck. I, myself, have gotten to a high of 2306 trophies as a lvl7 and having 2 lvl 5 rares, 1 lvl 6 rare (Hog), 4 lvl 7 common, and 1 lvl 8 common (Cannon). This deck is best played without ever building up a huge push, but to (quickly) chip down a tower. If you wish, you can execute the 12 Elixir Trifecta-Valk eliminates ground swarms and tanks, Hog deals the damage. and Musketeer backs the troops up by providing large damage support and air coverage-however, the playstyle I prefer is using the Valk and Musketeer for a valuable counterpush. This is also effective for Cycle with just a 3.0 avg Elixir, and with that you can place for Hogs and out-cycle enemy counters. When played right, this deck can soar up in trophies, and with only commons and rares unlocked early in the game, you can use this deck quickly after you get into Arena 5/Spell Valley.

Deck Information

Page Created by: MMAwesome3000
Minimum Recommended King Level: 5
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Spell Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3

Card Roles

Valkyrie: Can serve as a tank, a ground swarm eliminator, or a support troop killer such as eliminating a Musketeer+Witch behind a Giant.
Hog Rider: Deals the Crown Tower damage you need to win.
Musketeer: Main ground and air defense, as well as excellent push support.
Cannon: Defense against building targeters and is just your (cheap) defensive building.
Minions: Defense and attack support. Best used on defense.
Spear Goblins: Defense, attack support or cycle. Chip damage and attack support.
Fire Spirits: Splash and cycle. Main Minion Horde counter as well as a strong damage dealer.
Zap: Splash, attack, defense, or cycle.


  • At the start of a game, you can execute a quick Hog Push using Spear Gobs, Fire Spirits, or Zap as Support. When done well, it can often bring the tower down to half. However, try to only use one support card on this first push-when I first played with this deck, I would often overspend and quickly lose a tower since I used both Fire Spirits and Zap on the first Hog Push and then had a Minion Horde+Support in my face, when I could've saved, say, Fire Spirits, and sacrificed say 400 damage on the enemies tower to save my own.
  • Almost always back up a Hog with any other card in this deck except for the Cannon as it makes for great Hog Support.
  • On defense, opponents will often start off a push with support troop(s) in the back. If you see this, place your Musketeer in the back, Cannon and support to deal with the tank that will come in front. Then, when the support crosses the bridge, place down Valk, maybe reinforced with Fire Spirits or Zap. Never use the Valkyrie on a tank unless it is alone-the Valk's relatively low DPS is bad at shredding tanks and it's AoE and tankiness is much better at disabling weak, ranged, and clustered support. Deploying the Valkyrie in the middle of the mist separates the forces and allows you to have a powerful counter push, when at this time it is best to execute the Trifecta (when you have healthy Valkyrie and Musketeer for counter push).
  • If you do execute Trifecta, I would almost always recommend cheap support. This is especially true with Minion Horde-if you know they have this card, back your push up with Fire Spirits.
  • Best Replacements: Minions with Ice Spirit, Ice Wizard or Ice Golem. Cannon with Furnace, Tesla, or Inferno.