Hello. Tired of seeing Trifecta decks? Then you've come to the right page. This is a balloon+freeze deck is meant to counter trifecta decks, but it's meant to be quite versatile because not all people use trifecta decks. This deck isn't for higher arenas. It's meant to counter cheap trifecta decks in mid-early arenas, from Pekka's playhouse up to Royal arena. I used this deck well when I was a mid-arena player.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Antares.I.G.Harrison
Minimum Recommended King Level: 5
Maximum Recommended King Level: 11
Arena Required: Spell Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Card Roles

Lightning: Lightning is your main counter against trifecta decks. If timed correctly, the musketeer is one shot and the remaning hog+valk are left with low health. Using it in conjuction with aggro cards like cannons will result in an elixir profit. It can also be used to finish off weak crown towers during 2x elixir time or overtime. Use it wisely, only for defense and crown tower final hits, as it costs 6 elixir. If not used properly, it will result in an elixir loss and an advantage for your opponent.
Zap: Zap is a versatile spell with splash damage and stuns. It's used for Minion(Horde)s, Skarmies, Gob barrels and Fire spirits. At a cheap 2 elixir, it can also be used to give you the upper hand with the stun in big scale collisions, or to prevent a low health hog from landing one more hit on your towers.
Minion Horde: The minion horde is risky to Poison and Arrows, but it's a strong card and your main defense when out of Knights or Lightning. 6 Minions are too much for a musketeer to handle. Place it in the middle of the valk and the musket, as 3 will destroy the musket while 3 will targer the valk. Another good spot for it is in front of the hog. It will quickly ruin the hog and the valk, and as said before, the musket cannot handle 6 minions.
Knight: Knights are great cycle cards and great deal+tanks. Can be also used for meatshileds againt the Prince, which is quite common in few trifecta decks.
Balloon: The Balloon is your main offense. Pair it with the freeze and it deals massive damage to a crown tower. As trifecta decks only have the musketeer and maybe spear gobs/archers for defense, the balloon can at least land one deadly hit on the tower. Plus, it's death damage can hinder your enemies counter push.
Fire Spirits: The fire spirits are very good units. They are cheap, and they do as much damage as a fireball when they all go kamikaze. Makes great aggros when placed in the middle of the arena, as the enemis will chase after it and the fire spirits will damage them and also put them in the kill zone where both arena towers can hit the enemy.
Freeze: Freeze is a very overlooked spell. It provides great boost to your balloon. It can also be good in defense when paired with goblins or fire spirits. Only use it on a balloon when you're sure the balloon can land more than 2 hits.
Skeletons: Finally, skeletons are very cheap at 1 elixir and make great shileds against single targeting troops like the musket, mini pekka or prince. Just like any other aggro unit, place them in the center of the arena. However, be carefull on which tile you place them on, as a wrong placement will result in 2 of the skeletons getting off in the other direction.


  • Play defensively, generating as much elixir profit as possible. Only send in the freezeloon combo when you're sure the enemy is out of counter cards, or when it's 2x elixir time.
  • To counter a generic hog+valk+musket combo, use a well timed lightning to your advantage. A fire spirits+lightning combo with luck can take out all three cards with just a minor dent to your tower, at a +4 positive elixir trade.
  • Skeletons aren't meant to act as shield, they're meant to provide you some time when the enemy targets them. NEVER use them aggressively.
  • Knights are good from princes which are quite common in trifecta decks and in lower arenas overall. He can withstand a charge and take several hits while his sword and the arena tower(s) take the prince out for a 2 elixir profit. If the enemy comes with a skarmy or spear gob combo, zap them and deal with the prince as said before to generate a 2 elixir profit.


  • The Log (Zap) - Actually I wanted to put in the log instead of zap, but it's a legendary and obvious hard to get. They are both versatile, with CC effects (Stun and Knockback respectively). However, the log cannot target air troops but has more damage output. It's up to you.
  • Miner (Knight) - Again, a legendary, but a really good legendary. Increases your deck's versatality. Can also be used for offense, too.
  • Ice Spirit (Skeletons) - A good replacement, however trifecta decks aren't around in arena 8+, so that ruins the purpose of this deck.
  • Rage (Freeze) - For an alt. balloon push. The rageloon is also powerfull, but it's more risky. Do note that the rage is cheaper, and is slightly more versatile.

Important Notice

This deck is meant to be a good counter to trifectas. It's also based on my memory when I was a mid arena player, so please don't complain about hot it's trash, or how it's stupid. I'm in a higher arena and this deck is extinct there (I use a Golem deck now). And It's a little heavy at 3.5 average elixir. If you prefer cheap cycle counters to trifectas go for something else.

Also, you may use the freezeloon+fire spirit part of the deck for other decks as well, such as lavaloons or giantloons.