Deck Information

Page Created by: iAppreciate
Minimum Recommended King Level: 8
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

Card Roles

Ice Golem: The Ice Golem is very versatile in this deck. He is mainly used to soak up damage for the Three Musketeers. His Death Damage also eliminates any swarms that may be trying to kill them. Place him in front of the two Musketeers when splitting to create some intense double lane pressure!
Knight: The Knight is a tough melee fighter, and he deals the same amount of damage as a Royal Giant of equal level, so he is a big threat if left ignored. When splitting the Three Musketeers, put the Knight in front of the solo Musketeer for some intense double lane pressure!
Three Musketeers: This dynamic trio is the star of the deck. They deal huge damage if left ignored (your opponent will have no choice but to react to them) in order to prevent a tower down. They can also be used against beatdown Decks for maximum defensive capability, but protect them from spells!
Mirror: Mirror allows you to, well, Mirror your cards. You can use it for a lot of ways here. You can use it to mirror an Ice Golem if your Knight is out of rotation when splitting, and you can use it for a Push known as the Repeated Spear Goblin chip. But of course, there's more to Mirror then meets the eye.
Spear Goblins: The Spear Goblins are very versatile in this particular deck. You can use them offensively and defensively. You can also use them in the Repeated Spear Goblin chip. They are also quite useful for dealing with Minion Horde and Mega Minion for a positive Elixir trade. They are also Zap bait, so be careful when playing them!
Minion Horde: The Minion Horde is one of your main defenses, the others being Zap and the Tesla. They can be uses to kill a Lava Hound Push (make sure you've baited spells first), and you can also use them for dispatching the Hog Trifecta along with Tesla!
Zap: Zap, despite the nerf, is still one of the best spells in the game. Its main purpose is to protect you Musketeers from swarms, especially if Ice Golem can't dispatch them. You can also use it to reset Inferno Dragon (he is actually a better counter than his Tower counterpart), so the Musketeers can maximize damage output.
Tesla: The Tesla is a must have in this deck. It provides much more defensive synergy with your other cards, unlike its counterpart, the Cannon. Even though Cannon has a higher DPS and more health, the Tesla can target air for just one Elixir more.


  • Always take your time when using this deck. Make sure to NEVER place your Three Musketeers first, as the opponent will undoubtedly attack the other lane, which will most likely result in a tower down.
  • Mirror can be substitute. If it doesn't fit your play style, you can swap it, but you will lose a lot of synergy.
  • Practice is key. Practice this deck in the Training Camp about 30 times each day to maximize your skill with this deck. It definitely takes some getting used to!