This deck has countless classic combos including the Double Prince and the Prince Valkyrie. This deck is a very classic deck involving quick plays and not too much defence. It's built to end the game quickly and effectively.

DISCLAIMER: I did not take this deck, and I did not plagiarise. If there are other decks like this, it is just a mere coincidence.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Racator
Minimum Recommended King Level: 4
Maximum Recommended King Level: 9
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

Card Roles

Prince: The Prince is your main attack card, your primary destroyer, as his charge can deal INCREDIBLE damage. When paired with the Dark Prince, it is nearly unstoppable. It also works well with a Valkyrie.
Dark Prince: The Dark Prince supports your Prince by destroying Skeleton Armies, Goblins and Tombstones.
Wizard: The Wizard is a long range attacker that can deal massive damage to anything that's around it. It is used to destroy Minions, Mega Minions and Minion Hordes that can be a threat to your Prince.
Skeleton Army: Your Skeleton Army is your basic defense against almost anything that isn't flying. It is made so that you can defend against P.E.K.K.A.s, Royal Giants and Elite Barbarians. However the Skeletons can die easily to spells and splash troops, so be careful when using it.
Zap: Zap is your only spell. When in need, you can zap Skeletons, Goblins or Minions away. This is a primary support card as your Dark Prince may not be enough to destroy a Skeleton Army.
Valkyrie: This is a card that will annihilate any ground hordes in an instant with it's 360 spin. Put it in front of the Prince and it's almost unstoppable.
Minions: Minions are your defense in the air. They take down Balloons, support your Prince and ultimately just have your back. They are best paired with a Prince or simply left alone to destroy anything that will threaten your tower.
Tesla: The Tesla is your defensive building. When a Lava Hound, a Balloon or a P.E.K.K.A. is coming, this is where you should look. Best paired with a Skeleton Army for max defence.


WITCH: In almost any case, a Witch can replace a Wizard. It's the same concept only the Witch spawns Skeletons instead the Wizard spawning nothing. However, that's better on defence. When we're attacking, we want to destroy the Minions as soon as possible, which is best left for the Wizard.

ARROWS: Arrows are definitely more effective than Zap; they can destroy Minions and Goblins all by themselves. But Zap is quicker, in case of a Skeleton Army, and it costs less. You decide with one is better for you.

PRINCESS: Princess is cheaper and better than Valkyrie. They can destroy Skeleton Armies in a blast, as well as hit airborne targets. But not everyone has a Princess. Valkyries are faster at destroying Skeleton Armies as opposed to princess, and has much more health.

MEGA MINION: Mega Minion can go really well with this deck. It does massive damage and incinerates minions and big targets, and it even has more health. But when used on defence, it hits extremely slow compared to the normal Minions.


Beginning of the game

At the beginning, there is only one possible hand that you couldn't attack with, Skeleton Army, Zap, Minions and Tesla. Hands like these make you need more options, therefore you may...

  1. Double Prince at the same time near the bridge.
  2. Wizard in the back, then place a Prince when the Wizard is at the bridge.
  3. Valkyrie in the back, then put the Prince directly behind it so it pushes the Valkyrie forward when the Valkyrie is at the bridge.
  4. Valkyrie in the back, and when it reaches the bridge, Double Prince.
  5. Prince and Skeleton Army at the bridge, then hover your Zap spell.

Play the waiting game.

It's better that you do not risk the Double Prince in the beginning, because if it fails, they will come up with an even bigger counter push. The same also goes with number 5, as the Skeleton Army can be easily zapped and the Prince can easily be taken out by anything. The waiting game can be very strategic, as if you successfully defend against the opponents' push, you will have an extremely huge counter push. But this is high risk too as you don't have much defenses in your deck.

Counters and how to stop them

This deck is very classic and many people are used to the strategies, therefore I will go over many defences against this attack.

  • ICE WIZARD AND SKARMY: Zap the Skeleton Army FIRST then make sure your Prince gets to the Ice Wizard.
  • INFERNO TOWER: Wait a couple of seconds as it targets your Prince/Dark Prince/Valkyrie, then zap it.
  • CANNON: This one is tricky because you only have on spell. So what you have to do is let the Cannon do it's thing UNTIL your opponent places something else down, then you can use the Zap.
  • MINION HORDE: If your Wizard is not up yet, you better zap it and put Minions down OR you can put your Wizard up.


  • Valkyrie in the back + Double Prince.
  • Valkyrie + Prince + Zap.
  • Double Prince + Zap.
  • Prince + Wizard.
  • Prince + Skeleton Army + Zap.