This is a deck I have found on Supercell forums. The deck looked pretty decent, and in the end I went 9-3 in the Battle Ram Challenge (well I'm a noob).

Deck Information

Page Created by: LucasH181
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Jungle Arena
Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

Card Roles

Battle Ram: Battle Ram is one of your win conditions on this deck, use its charging power to destroy Crown Towers, spawning 2 Barbarians that can deal even more damage. Can be used in defense in some situations.
Hog Rider: This card is mainly for pushing. In drastic situations you could use him to soak damage though.
Executioner: Executioner is crucial in this deck. He can quickly kill any swarms for your troops.
Elite Barbarians: This card can be used for pushing; but if you see tanks in your way, you could use them as defense though. They could transform into a deadly counterattack.
Zap: This spell can quickly kill swarms like Skeleton Army. Can also be used to stun troops in crucial moments, and to reset charge attack of Prince, Dark Prince, Battle Ram, Sparky, etc.
The Log: Use Log to remove ground swarms and push back units. You can also use this card predictably with either the Hog, Ram, or Elite Barbs, since your opponent will most likely counter it with the Skeleton Army.
Fireball: Used to damage moderate hitpoints troops or maybe the Princess. Deals good damage as well.
Minions: You can use this card to take out Bowlers and Graveyards. They also Zap resistant, but can still be killed with Arrows.


  • When sending in the Battle Rams, Hog Riders, or the Elite Barbarians, send in The Log or Executioner as your opponent will most likely place down their swarm troops to counter your troops.
  • When encountering Executioners, place down your Elite Barbarians. They should have enough hitpoints to survive the attack and transform into a counter push.
  • Tanks, like the Giant, can be killed by Elite Barbarians as well.
  • When encountering Bowlers or Graveyards, use your Minions. Or Zap them to reduce the damage.
  • Use your Elite Barbarians to counter another Battle Ram. Elite Barbarians can completely stop the Ram.
  • Use Executioner against dangerous air and ground swarms like Barbarians and Minion Horde.


  • A Supercell forum member called TriniD1n0 shared this deck on the forum, which got me 9 wins in the challenge.