Deck Information

Page Created by: Vaughndubs
Minimum Recommended King Level: 7
Maximum Recommended King Level: 13
Arena Required: Electro Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

Card Roles

Princess: Princess is a support card on defense, and then to chip at enemies or towers.
Electro Wizard: Electro Wizard is for taking down special troops like Sparky, Lava Hound, Balloon, or pop him in to stop a Skeleton Army.
Ice Wizard: Ice Wizard is to slow down attack troops.
Minion Horde: Minion Horde is 1/3 the usual win condition. Can also be used in a pinch to take out Giant Skeleton, Lava Hound, or Barbarians.
Skeletons: Bait troop for win condition if opponent has Arrows or Zap. Also used to take down Barbarians, Giants, etc.
Lumberjack: Lumberjack is 1/3 the usual win condition. Use to defend if necessary.
Elixir Collector: Elixir Collector is important. Chances of winning at least double if you have two collectors going before losing a tower.
Clone: 1/3 the win condition.


  • Basic idea is to poise yourself for the win condition. With 9+ Elixir, drop your Lumberjack between your RIGHT tower (left only if you must) and the bridge. With just a second pause, drop your Minion Horde just behind him. You want Lumberjack to take damage first. Once your elixir gets back to 3+ as the Lumberjack reaches the opponent's tower, Clone the Lumberjack and the Minion Horde. The resulting swarm, left undefended by Arrows, Zap, etc. Will take out the tower within seconds, and still unchecked, can take out the King's Tower right after. Any troop the opponent drops DURING the swarm will be eaten almost instantly (other than Electro Wizard that would zap much of the swarm upon dropping).
  • If your opponent has Arrows or Zap, try to use the Skeleton Army to bait its use.  Use of the Elixir Collector helps pull this off.
  • If your opponent is countering your swarm, it's still possible to win by chipping at towers with a combo of Ice/Electro Wiz (and cloning them which can catch the opponent off guard).  This combo can do significant damage if unattended.
  • Playing defense FIRST is better than going on the offensive.  If opponent drops a Hog Rider or Barbs, drop Ice Wiz beside a tower to slow down the attack, drop the Princess behind the tower to protect her, and then drop Electro Wiz to the other side of the tower. Enemy will be defeated with minimal damage, and you now have three defenders turning attacker.  If your Elixir Collector is being used, you will quickly have enough Elixir to mount an attack on the other side while your opponent deals with the defenders turned attackers.