This deck is mainly focused in annihilating and overwhelming. It uses high health and low health troops, with the low health troops overwhelming and supporting, while the high health troops annihilating and also supporting. I came up with the name for this deck simply because it has a 3 cards with Skeletons.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Jofiviramos
Minimum Recommended King Level: 4
Maximum Recommended King Level: 7
Arena Required: Builder's Workshop
Average Elixir Cost: 4.8

Card Roles

Prince: Your main offensive troop, use his charge damage to easily destroy Arena Towers.
Giant Skeleton: Your tank to use as a meat shield for your smaller troops, use his death damage to destroy Arena Towers. Can also be used on defense in certain situations.
Skeleton Army: Your defensive swarm, use them to overwhelm and annihilate your enemies. Can be used against tanks and single target troops.
Witch: Your support troop, use her splash damage to kill swarms, her spawned Skeletons can help in defense as distraction, and offense as extra power.
Baby Dragon: Can also be a support for your GS and other troops. Deals splash damage to wipe out air and ground swarms.
Rocket: Your direct damage spell, use it to finish off low-health crown towers, and destroying your opponent's pushes with right placement.
Hog Rider: Your offensive troop to also destroy your opponent's towers. Can be used as a distraction for fast moving troops.
Minion Horde: Another of your defensive swarm, use them to overwhelm and annihilate opponent's troops. A great counter to tanks, and air threats.


  • Use the Giant Skeleton along the Skeleton Army to destroy a enemy tower. The GS distracts the Crown Tower, while the skeleton army annihilates the Tower.
  • The Witch can also accompany the GS and Skeleton Army to protect them from air troops in which will try to stop your push (The Giant Skeleton and Skeleton Army can't target air troops, thus making them vulnerable to air troops).
  • The Hog Rider can be used as a distraction for high damaging/fast troops, as it can easily outrun them, and do some decent damage to the Crown Tower, if it doesn't get taken down.
  • Use the Prince and Giant Skeleton for a large push during the later stages of a match. They have decent HP and damage, and they can be accompanied by the Skeleton Army for devastating effects.
  • If your opponent spawns a splash damage troop to attack your Giant Skeleton/Prince on one side, make a push in the opposite side with the Hog Rider and Skeleton Army/Witch.
  • Use the Skeleton Army to overwhelm tanky troops, as they can only attack one troops at a time. This is specially useful if your opponent has a P.E.K.K.A. or a Giant, as they, respectively, can only target one troop at a time and can only attack buildings.
  • Use the Baby Dragon and the Minion Horde to destroy low health troops and to do decent damage on the opponent's towers.
  • Use the Rocket as an anti-push measure, as it does huge amounts of damage and does splash damage.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Rocket to finish off Crown Towers with low health.