Hey, everybody! Yes, FullDiver has made another deck. Note how this one doesn't use any Legendaries, and still has won me many battles against people with Legendaries. It's SUPER EFFECTIVE! to put it in Pokemon terms.

Deck Information

Page Created by: FullDiver
Minimum Recommended King Level: 6
Maximum Recommended King Level: 11
Arena Required: Spell Valley
Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

Card Roles

Wizard: The Wizard does a great deal of splash damage, and it is good getting rid of tanks and swarms. He does decent damage, and has very good coordination with the Valkyrie because he can hit air while she hits ground. The Wizard can beat units as much as 5 Elixir and can be a help in the battlefield. Left alone, the Wizard can do as much as 800 damage to the Tower, which is a lot!. But, if went to the same tower with a tank like the Giant, then he would deal a massive 1,400 damage alone! In this deck, if paired with the Valkyrie, they can destroy a tower and can slightly damage the Kings Tower. They can also deal some damage to Elite Barbs, so there is no need to be worried! A good counter to this would be the Giant Skeleton because of his bomb, so you should watch out for him. Also, a Tower like the Bomb Tower could slow this push down, so make sure to get your Fireball down.
Witch: The Witch is also good at dealing splash damage, and has good coordination with the Valkyrie because of her ability to spawns Skeletons. She has fast reload speed, and she is good with supporting Tanks. Alone, she could deal as much as 400 damage while with her Skeletons, she can deal 1,200 damage. She is good at tanking, but if paired with a Valkyrie, she can do much more! Witch+Valkyrie can take out the Arena Tower while dealing half damage to the Kings Tower. If the player places the Valkyrie in the middle, then the opponents Valkyrie can take out the Witch. But don't worry! You can place down the Wizard for a counterpush that will guarantee you a crown!
Valkyrie: The Valkyrie is good at doing splash damage because of her 360 degrees rotation. She can counter mini tanks like the Dark Prince and Wizard and even troops as big as the Giant Skeleton! She deals the same damage as a Giant, and is great for offense. If you pair her with the Wizard, then they can help each other because the Wizard can control air units while the Valkyrie can control ground units. If you pair her with the Witch, then they can control tanks because the Valkyrie can destroy the support units for the tank while the Witch could defeat the tank. Fireball would be a good counter to this, but it will still keep the Valkyrie alive and might keep the Witch alive depending on the Level.
Fire Spirits: The Fire Spirits are a very useful card for dealing splash damage, as well as taking out swarms. They are also very good at taking out swarms like the Goblin Gang and the Minion Horde and can distract the Prince, Dark Prince, and Bandit from charging if placed correctly. You could make a push with the Fire Spirits+Wizard+Valkyrie so that in case your opponent puts down a Minion Horde or Skeleton Army, you can make sure that it doesn't destroy the tower. You can also pair up the Fire Spirits with the Archers so that they can deal chip damage to the tower. Alone, if your Fire Spirit is the same Level as the King Tower, then it could deal as much as damage as if a Fireball was aimed at your tower.
Skeleton Army: Swarming, taking out tanks.
Minion Horde: Swarming, taking out tanks and Crown Towers.
Fireball: Fireball deals a good bit of splash damage and can support any push. A Fireball can also help you win a match if your opponent's Arena Tower is on low health. Also, it can deal massive damage to medium health troops and could take out swarms with a negative Elixir trade. Their pushback mechanic is very useful because it could deny a Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A., Lumberjack, and Hog Rider to get in a hit. In this deck, it could serve as defense but can also be used as offense. They can one shot a Musketeer and a Wizard at the same level and can one shot a Witch that is six Levels below the Level for the Fireball.
Archers: The Archers are a good distraction card that could minimize any opposing push damage. They are good for dealing air damage, and can distract troops like the Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A., and Knight. If you place them in the middle of the Arena as the Baby Dragon is coming, then they will destroy the Baby Dragon for a positive Elixir trade. They also have the advantage of being more resistant to spells than other troops such as the Spear Goblins and Goblins. Archers can survive a hit from an equal level Arrows and the equivalent level of The Log, as well as survive a Zap that is 4 levels higher than the Archers.


  • The Witch and Wizard can be a powerful combination, and yet, you shouldn't use it too often. If you do, then that will leave you defenseless. I would advice placing the Witch all the way in the back, and when it starts getting near the bridge, place the Valkyrie down. The Witch works great with a tank.
  • The Fireball, being a medium type spell, is very useful for taking out tanks and swarms, especially against the Witch and Wizard.
  • In addition, one of my favorite rushes is Valkyrie, Skeleton Army, then Witch or Wizard.
  • Use the Valkyrie with the Skeleton Army/Minion Horde, then put in the Archers/Witch/Wizard.
  • Fire Spirits are good at taking out hordes, but they're also good at distracting for a cheap price.
  • Valkyrie, while it can't hit air troops, it's great at tanking, because you can't just take it out with a land swarm, like the Skeleton Army.
  • Archers, for air support.
  • Fireball, mostly for support.
  • Wizard, to take out hard swarms, especially the Minion Horde.
  • The Witch is good at taking out heavy damage, low hit speed troops, like the Sparky or the P.E.K.K.A.
  • Use the Minion Horde against heavy air troops, such as the Inferno Dragon, or against heavy ground troops/buildings, such as the Inferno Tower. Both of which are annoying to tanks.