NOTE: this deck is full of splash cards and is designed exclusively for Clan Battles. DON'T ever use this deck in ladder or tournaments, as you'll easily lose. Since the population density is much higher is Clan Battles, splash cards are stronger in Clan Battles. If your teammate's deck contains some of these cards, you can replace them in your deck with substitutions. Other wiki users can feel free to add links in the introduction that link to other deck pages which pair up well with this deck.

Deck Information

Page Created by: Pkukiss
Minimum Recommended King Level: 9
Maximum Recommended King Level: 9
Arena Required: Hog Mountain
Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

Card Roles

Fireball: Taking out opponents' swarms of low to middle health.
Valkyrie: Taking out opponents' swarms of low health, especially effective against the Skeleton Army.
Tornado: Drags opponents' unit close so your Fireball or Valkyrie will finish them very easily, or drag opponents' units to your Twin King's Tower to activate it early, which is easier than regular battles, and both cannons will activate.
Freeze: Stops opponents' push to gain you and your partner some time to take out these troops. In Clan Battles, pushes can be significantly larger in size than in regular battles.
Executioner: Defends opponents' swarms that contain a mix of ground and air units but not so closely clustered together. Also, Clones are potentially higher used in Clan Battles, and he can also be used to counter the cloned troops with low health.
Poison: Another counter for swarms, especially excellent against the Graveyard. At tournament levels, each pulse of your level 4 Poison can even one-shot level 10 Skeletons if opponents use Mirrored Graveyard.
Heal: Heals your partner's troops, and maybe your own too.
Furnace: To be placed behind your Arena Towers to defend. At tournament levels, the Fire Spirits can't be one-shot by opponents' Princess Towers.


  • If you want to use this deck in Clan Battle, inform your partner about this beforehand, so that they can build a deck that works well with this deck.
  • This deck is great for supporting tank decks. The Furnace can be placed in the back of the Arena so that the Fire Spirits can reach the tower and deal a lot of damage. The Executioner can be placed with a tank for taking out swarms and mini-tanks. The Poison can be placed on top of the Giant so that the swarms slowly start to die. You can use the Heal to restore some health back to the Giant. You can use the Freeze to Freeze any units that are targeting the tank, and the Giant would be able to deal some damage.
  • Use the Valkyrie on defense, to take out any incoming swarms and mini-tanks, and use the Fireball to take out offensive mini-tanks.